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4 Common Contemporary Living Room Furniture Styling Mistakes

How many times have you fallen in love with contemporary living room furniture and told yourself, “I know exactly what where this should go!” But once the furniture is actually in your home, every place you try to place it in just doesn’t seem right.
Knowing how to decorate a room does not come naturally to a lot of people. But knowing what you shouldn’t do can make the task a lot easier.
Here are four common mistakes when arranging furniture – begin your project by avoiding them, and the rest will feel like a snap!

Living room furniture


  • DON’T disrupt the flow of conversation.




    1. Your family and friends shouldn’t have to lean forward too much, shout, or crane their necks to maintain a simple conversation.


    1. All the chairs and sofas in a room should be facing each other to a degree. Big spaces can make this seem daunting, but here’s a trick:

use a large rug to define the seating area, and make sure that no chair goes beyond the perimeter of the rug.

  • DON’T be restricted by formality.




    1. Walking around

high-end furniture stores

    1. is a fantastic way to get some style inspiration. However, your home doesn’t have to follow any particular style to the letter.


    1. For instance, your living room should certainly be beautiful, but also practical. Do you like resting your feet on the coffee table? Do you enjoy eating the occasional meal on the couch, facing the television?


    1. It’s your space, so prioritize your experience. Organize the furniture in a way that makes it easy to do things like putting down your drinks or putting up your feet.

  • DON’T block the windows.




    1. Natural light is essential to any room. A room filled with gentle sunshine instantly becomes more cheerful and welcoming.


    1. As a rule of thumb, avoid placing objects in front of windows as much as you can. Blocking the light will make the room feel crowded, cramped, and drab.


    1. If it can’t be prevented (like in the case of floor to ceiling windows), then use reflective surfaces, mirrors, and a smart lighting plan to maximize the remaining light.

  • DON’T forget about activity zones.




    1. In many households, the living room serves more than one function. Apart from being the entertainment hub, it can also be a place for working on art projects, doing homework, and working on household bills.


    Set up special areas for these main activities. Perhaps you can set up a small table and a couple of storage bins where the kids usually play, or designate a work corner by adding a larger desk and task lighting. This is a great way to harness the versatility of the space.

DO keep in mind that you can apply all of these not only to the living room, but to virtually any area in your home.
Whether you’re setting up a home entertainment system or positioning luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles, dodging these mistakes will go a long way toward creating a space that feels natural and wonderful to spend time in.

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