4 Tips for Successful Airbrush Spray Tan in Leesburg, VA

Going for a spray tan in Leesburg, VA is an amazing way to get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow. When it comes to getting a tan, however, don’t wing it – proper preparation before your session will help ensure beautiful, even results.

Airbrush Spray Tan

Spray Tan Tips You Should Know

Follow these four tips for a successful spray tan session at your local Leesburg spa:

  1. Choose airbrush spray tan services.
    One of the most important tips for getting a spray tan is to choose a Leesburg spa that offers airbrush spray tans, not tanning beds. Airbrush spray tans are a much safer and more effective way to get bronzed skin. Some benefits of airbrush are:

• Reduces the risk of skin cancer
Conventional tanning beds darken the skin using UV rays. UV rays, whether from tanning bulbs or direct from the sun, have been proven to increase the chances of getting skin cancer. In contrast, an airbrush spray tan does not expose you to harmful rays and instead, uses natural ingredients to achieve the desired results.

• Encourages skin health
While UV tanning can damage, dry out, and make skin look leathery, airbrush tanning uses non-toxic materials and only affects the epidermis.

• Prevents UV burns
UV tanning bulbs can be hot and cause sunburns. Not only is this painful, but it can also lead to actual injuries to your skin. With airbrush spray tans, there’s zero risk of burns.

  1. Prepare your skin for the tan.
    Before your session, exfoliate your skin and concentrate on the dry areas such as hands, knees, elbows, and feet so that the tan can be applied evenly. You may want to shower with a body scrub to slough away flaky and dry skin that can cause streaks with your tan. On the day itself, avoid using moisturizers for max adherence.
  1. Wear proper attire.
    Don’t wear anything that can hinder absorption like deodorant, perfumes, and make up. Wear dark and loose clothing to avoid rubbing off the spray tan. Consider wearing nail polish to keep your nails safe from discoloration.
  1. Relax and enjoy the experience.
    Getting a spray tan is a wonderful way to boost your confidence and look your best. So while you’re getting one, why not make it a full day of indulgence? For instance, you can schedule a Leesburg massage session before tanning to make it a total spa day.

Maintain that Golden Glow

Once you’re done with your session, you want to make sure that your golden glow lasts as long as possible. Enjoy your tan longer with these simple tips:

  • Keep your tanned skin hydrated and less likely to exfoliate by applying lotion daily.
  • Preserve your tan by gently patting your skin after a shower instead of vigorous rubbing. Avoid using coarse washcloths or loofas as well.
  • Don’t use body products with harsh oils or soaps. Look for especially formulated soaps designed to make tans last.

Ready for your airbrush spray tan session? Keep these tips in mind for healthy, long-lasting sun-kissed beauty!

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