5 Brilliant Ways to Style Up Your Mid-Century Coffee Table

More often than not, the coffee table is the centerpiece of the living room—especially if it’s a mid-century coffee table. Given its elegance and value as a period piece, it would be a crime not to showcase it. Highlight its beauty with these design and upkeep tips.

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How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

While your period coffee table is beautiful in its own right, there are ways to make it more stylish. Use these tips to level up your table’s aesthetic appeal:

  1. Strike a balance on its surface. Displaying items on your coffee table is a great way to enhance its look—provided that you maintain balance. Large items like thick books may give it a cumbersome aesthetic. On the other hand, opting for a collection of knickknacks will make it feel cluttered. The solution? Vary the scale of items on the coffee table. Group or stack similar objects to free up space.
  2. Go green. Place a small, low-maintenance plant at the center of your coffee table. It’s probably the most natural, and fuss-free way to breathe life to your space. Keep the potted plant on a small tray to keep dirt and excess moisture off of your coffee table.
  1. Complement your table with other period pieces. It will give your space a consistent look. Base the furnishing you get on what the room lacks or needs. If it’s short on storage space, for instance, invest in mid-century shelving. If it needs more seating, get an armchair or a couch.
  2. Highlight one side. If your coffee table is huge, filling its surface with décor is a no-no. Stick to one side. It will keep your table from cluttering and give you enough space for your cup, book, and other items.
  1. Have seasonal décor. Your coffee table is a living room centerpiece. Style it up with décor that highlights the current season or occasion. Nothing says summer like a jar of sand and shells on top of books. Embrace autumn with a basket of pumpkins or gourds. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

How to Maintain It

No amount of decorating can lift a damaged or well-worn period piece. Keep yours in top condition for decades with careful use and mindful maintenance. Take note of these upkeep tip:

  • Use cleaning practices that are right for your coffee table. Before you douse your period piece with a store-bought furniture cleaning solution, make sure it’s the right type for your table. Apply it to a small portion of your coffee table. If it takes well to the surface, then you can continue using it. For expert solutions for tradition and modern furniture, visit a shop that custom-makes furnishings.
  • Don’t place hot, cold, and wet objects directly on the surface. The moisture and extreme temperature will damage the table. Keep heat-resistant coasters near your coffee table, either in one of its compartments or in a nearby drawer, for hot beverages. For hot meals and cold drinks, invest in a tray. Not only will it protect your table from spills, but it will also make it easy to carry multiple plates and glasses.

Maximize Your Mid-Century Coffee Table

With its timeless design, a mid-century table goes well with both period and modern furniture setups. Make it the focal point of your space. Style it up frequently to wow your guests, and take careful measures to keep it in prime condition.

Don’t have a coffee table yet? Stop by a modern furniture store in LA to find the perfect period piece for your home!

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