5 Key Pet Technology Trends Happening Now

In 2018, pet technology products in the United States reached a monumental $565 in sales and expected to rise. Humans love their pets and their high-tech devices, and pet technologies are a natural evolution of the two. Smart pet products help create a deeper bond between owners and pets while making it easier and more convenient to care for their furry buddies.

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5 Smart Pet Technology Trends

Whether you want new ways to feed, entertain, or monitor your pets, there’s now a growing number of creative and tech-driven solutions to keep pets healthy and happy, even when you’re not at home:

  1. Pet Wearables

Keep tabs on your pet 24/7 by fitting them with wearable devices. Cutting-edge collars allow owners to track their pet’s location, monitor vital signs of sick animals, and more.

Much like the popular FitBit for exercise tracking, there are now wearable devices for dogs that can measure their body temperature, heart rate, and other physical information. Using the device, such information can be shared with a mobile device, computer, or to the vet

  1. High Tech Beds and Crates

Do you have an anxious puppy? Consider getting him a crate designed especially to soothe a dog’s stress especially when you’re not home. These innovative crates are equipped with calming playlists and activated fans with motion sensors that can be programmed to turn on at a certain time, such as when you leave for work.

In addition, there are beds that are designed to improve a pet’s health. There are now smart pet beds with built-in weighing scales and climate control. The system is linked to a health and nutrition app plus an activity tracker, and can be hooked up to Google’s Alexa.

  1. Smart Doggie Doors

Prevent unwanted animals like racoons or your neighbour’s cats and dogs from getting into your house with smart pet doors. Microchip pet doors let you use your smartphone to control the door. It’s able to recognize your pet’s RFID tag or microchip and will only open for them. You can also program the door to only work at designated times, making it easier to keep pets indoors when necessary.

  1. Pet Toys

Give your pets their own devices to play with using smart pet toys. One example is a treat-dispensing game for cats and dogs with light-up touch pads. The pet needs to tap the pads in the right sequence to receive a treat. On top of being a treat dispenser, the toy can become a memory and agility puzzle just by changing the difficulty level.

Another example are smart balls that you control with a smartphone. This one uses a built-in camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for a high-tech game of fetch. Too busy to play with your dog? Fire up the auto-play feature instead.

  1. Smart Feeders

Feed pets on demand or on a schedule using your phone with smart food bowls. These bowls are connected to apps that record how much water and food your pet eats. You get alerted when there are changes to the amounts. You can also program these bowls to only open for specific RFID tags or microchips so that no other animals can get into your pet’s food.

No Signs of Slowing Down for Pet Tech

Experts have called the pet industry “recession proof,” meaning that people are always willing to spend for their pets no matter what. The rise of smart pet devices is more proof of how far owners are willing to go to stay connected with their pets and give them the best life possible.

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