6 Reasons it’s a Good Call to Rent in Langley

Recently, construction management companies are showing interest in Langley as an area to establish rental residential properties. In fact, housing statistics show that for the previous month, 376 new listings have already been added to the market. However, only 225 properties are occupied out of the 1,460 available ones. So if you are looking for a place to rent around Vancouver, here are some of the reasons renting in Langley is indeed a good call.

Why is Langley a good place to live in?

  1. It is a convenient location.

    Location-wise, Langley is very appropriate for working professionals. It is only a few miles away from the Midlands and London, and the ways are accessible. There is also a main train station in the area. Bus routes are also available to popular locations such as Slough and Maidenhead.

  2. Lots of excellent schools around.

    The area is not just suitable for working professionals but for families as well, especially those who have kids. There are many available schools in the vicinity, including primary and secondary schools. Although some educational institutions are already oversubscribed, catchment areas and other schools are still available.

  3. It gives you opportunities to enjoy nature.

    Langley has many open spaces that may allow camping, playing, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. The Coast Mountains surround the area and it also has numerous exciting trails! There are also parks like Great Windsor Walk and Langley Park where you can spend some fun times with your family and friends. The Fraser River, where you can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and fishing, is also available nearby.

  4. You can find (almost) all that you need here.

    Although it is not as developed as other areas in Canada, your essentials are accessible right here in Langley. It has banks, convenience stores, takeout outlets, pubs, restaurants, and gas stations. Although it does not have much to offer in terms of entertainment, malls and cinemas are accessible in nearby towns.

  5. It gives you the village vibe.

    Want to have that village feeling again? Langley will surely give you that. Physically, some areas of Langley are still old-fashioned, particularly in the Main Street. Shops are also clustered so many errands can be done by walking. Through events usually organized by schools, it gives a heartwarming sense of community. It also gives spaces like churches, mosques, and temples, for varying kinds of faith.

  6. It is filled with many real estate options.

    Whether you are looking for a rental home or property to buy, Langley got it for you. If you are looking for a townhouse or a condominium, you can surely find it here. The prices are also varying so it will give you options depending on your budget.

Construction management firms like ENM Construction Management are also starting to develop purpose-built housing units meant for long-term rentals. Properties like these are jam-packed with amenities that can provide what you need and what you enjoy.

Based on the reasons enumerated above, living in Langley is a really good option. You can enjoy the city life on work days while cherishing the village way of life at night and weekends.

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