7 Genius Ideas for Your Folding Wagon Around the Home

Having a folding wagon at home makes everyday tasks so much easier. Transferring heavy garden tools, rolling sports equipment from place to place, and effortlessly hauling groceries from the car to the fridge are just a few. Folding wagons are so versatile they can be used for other purposes that may surprise you.


Creative Uses for a Folding Wagon

There’s virtually no limit to the ways you can use a folding wagon. Check out these fantastic ideas:

  • Book Storage

Does your child have too many books but you don’t have space for an extra shelf? Give her a folding wagon as a gift. She can organize all her favorite books in there and enjoy easy access . No more standing on tiptoe just to reach for a novel! Better yet, she can park her book wagon in a cozy spot in your home, surround herself with pillows and a warm blanket, and create an instant reading nook.

  • Craft Organizer

If you love crafting, then you already know how easy it is to create clutter with all your materials and supplies. Gather them all in one place using a fold up wagon. See all of your crafting materials at a glance, and return them to a convenient place once you’re done.

  • Kitchen Bar Cart

Looking for a quirky alternative to traditional bar carts? Consider a fold up wagon! It’s an awesome way to arrange your drinks and cocktail equipment and transport them indoors and outdoors as needed.

  • Mini Planters and Gardens

Transform your folding wagon into a whimsical fairy garden or a compact succulent planter. This is a very practical alternative to a real garden especially when you don’t have a big yard but want some greenery around your home.

  • Ice Cooler

Keep your refreshments cold without having to lug a bulk, heavy ice cooler around! Folding wagons are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about dripping all over the place. Just fill it with ice, pile on your favorite drinks or snacks, and pull it toward your backyard picnic, tailgate, and more.

  • Christmas Tree Stand

Folding wagons make an amazing statement piece during Christmas! If you only have space for a short and small Christmas tree, you can use your wagon to add height. It also gives you more room to arrange gifts beneath and around the tree.

  • Outdoor Furniture

Add pizzazz to your outdoor living space with a folding wagon. You can use it as an end table, a drink cart, and a stashing spot for snacks, toys, and reading materials. It also makes an excellent tool for transferring ingredients form the kitchen to your barbeque. Finally, fold up wagons can also serve as a way to organize pillows, rugs, blankets, and other smaller outdoor furniture.

Folding Wagons: Imagination is the Limit!

Durable, lightweight, and designed for any terrain, custom folding wagons are your best friend for any activity. Whether you have a folding wagon, a wagon stroller, or a metal cart, these wagons let you get things done with ease and in style!

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