7 Popular Types of Sofa in Los Angeles

If you have a home and you were involved in choosing the furniture, then you know how challenging and stressful it is to visit almost every furniture store in town just to find a sofa in Los Angeles that will perfectly fit your taste, one that will satisfy your desire for a beautiful, comfortable, and affordable kind.

However, did you know that there are actually 17 prominently known types of sofa in the market? Most of those designs can be found in many furniture stores in the state.

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Various Types of Sofa You May Want to Consider

Here are seven of these 17 styles you can actually choose from.

  1. Cabriole

    If you are a classy, stylish kind of person and you want something with minimal designs but makes a bold statement, you may want to consider buying a cabriole sofa. Its wooden frame is exposed and its legs are outwardly curved. It usually uses soft fabrics and velvet. This design originated from England during the first half of the 18th century.

  2. Lawson

    Is your most important consideration in choosing your sofa comfort? The lawson-style sofa may be the one for you. It is mainly characterized by its back composed of pillow that is not attached to the sofa frame.

  3. Chaise Lounges

    Are you into custom-made beds in Los Angeles? You may want to combine it with a chaise lounge. This one is a combination of a chair and a footstool — indeed a place for relaxation. It has a high back and a long space where you can lay down. Some models have arms while others do not.

  4. Meridienne

    This design is somehow similar to chaise lounges. The main distinguishing factor is the arched higher back. This one is intended for your short naps. In fact, it is usually referred to as the fainting chair.

  5. Loveseat

    If it is just you and your partner, and you seldom receive visitors, a loveseat might be appropriate for you. It is a type of sofa that can only accommodate two people. Loveseats come in different designs as well like lawson, cabriole, and others.

  6. Mid-century

    The primary characteristics of this type of sofa is a tufted back and seat cushions, slanted legs, and clean lines. It also has a defined shape and composed appearance. It also gives a retro look in the house and gives a minimal fee.

  7. Tuxedo

    Anyone who is wearing a tuxedo surely looks sharp and smart. That is what this kind of sofa is. It is mainly characterized by a geometric shape, which seems to be a rectangular box. The arms are as high as the back and the edges are sleek.

These are just some of the most prominent sofa designs you can see in the furniture market nowadays. The list is still long. Also included are divan, recliner sofa, bridgewater, and sleeper beds like sofa bed, futon, and pull out sofa beds.

You see, there are lots of choices for you! All you have to consider are your preferred style and the purpose in which you will use the sofa. After all these, do you really think there are limited choices of furniture including sofa and midcentury round dining table in Los Angeles?

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