7 Ways to Decorate a Book Lover’s Home with Modern Living Room Furniture

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Nothing is more exciting to a bookworm than finally getting your own living space which you can fill to your heart’s content with every bookish furniture and decoration you’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram. When it comes to modern living room furniture, bookshelves are already a given, but there are many other stuff you can use for your bookish nooks.

Transforming Your Living Space into a Bookish Lair

It’s always fun to come up with the geekiest and nerdiest pieces of modern furniture and interior décor you can use to build a bookworm’s lair that will make Hermione Granger proud. Because seven seems to be the favorite number of the authors of our favorite series, here are seven bookish living room decoration ideas!

  1. Book racks, anyone?

    These assemble-your-own, movable racks you see on your local department stores are not just made for food, tea sets, or condiments. They can carry your endless to-be-read books too. These book racks are trending right now among book bloggers. They don’t just look simple, elegant, and Instagram-worthy, they also allow you to roll your book racks to whichever part of the house you want to read!

  2. Grow a book tree.

    While sleek bookshelves made of steel and glass can make for luxury living room furniture, these book shelves that look like trees can give your living room a look very reminiscent of Narnia and The Hobbit! Made of wood, book trees are mounted against your wall and can reach to your ceiling. You can place your books on its branches.

  3. Decorate your space with books.

    What is a more bookish decoration than books? Stack your color-coordinated books on your modern living room furniture and watch your room look a little cosier and homier.

  4. Bibliophilic living room throws and bed sheets.

    Snuggle under blankets and duvets printed with the words of your favorite fables, fairy tales, or short stories with a good book and a cup of tea. You can even have them on your dining table cloths, pillow cases, and curtains.

  5. Use the headboard of your bed as a shelf.

    Sleep tight every night with your favorite tomes and tales keeping watch above you. One of the advantages of modern beds are their simple and flat headboards that could serve as a perfect resting place for your favorite bedtime reads for sweet dreams.

  6. Sideboards.

    Sideboards are always a great idea for interior design because a) they can slip into slim spaces, b) they can help zone open-plan living spaces, and c) they can be used for practically anything. On our side, however, who can say no to more places in which to place books?

  7. The Booklord’s Throne.

    In other words, you need a comfortable sofa chair or office chair to sit in while you immerse yourself in your books. There are various furniture stores in Los Angeles that can provide you with many choices.

There you have it. These are just a handful of ways that you can decorate your home into something more personal and worthy of a book lover. You can always use your creativity and imagine tweaking and using your luxury living room furniture for your bookish purposes.

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