A Thorough Discussion on Retinol Serum: Things That You Didn’t Know

Retinol serum is one of the more known skin care remedies on the market, known primarily for its properties that promote skin rejuvenation, lessen skin problems such as acne, and even out dark spots. But how much do we know about this product? How has it kept afoot in spite of numerous skin care products trying to vie for attention in a competitive market? We will find more as we go along this post.

Retinol Serum Recipe

Some Misconceptions on Retinol Serum

With the Internet swarming on opinions regarding skincare products, it’s not hard for retinol serum to find itself a target. However, let us clear the air with some facts regarding retinol serum and other retinoid products:

  • Retinol-based products all contain retinoic acid.

    Retinoic acid is a great skin care ingredient that tries to get rid of visible aging. Retinoic acid is a vitamin A metabolite which contributes to cell growth, which in this case, refers to the skin.

  • Retinoids from the serum do something different from exfoliating, they produce collagen.

    Although widely thought to be an exfoliant, retinoids act more profoundly; it causes enhanced production of collagen, smoothens skin, and makes pigmentation of the skin even.

  • Retinoids do not make you prone to sunburn; however, UV protection should still be taken during your regimen.

    While retinoids are broken down in sunlight, they do not make your skin susceptible to ultraviolet light. If anything, the redness that you experience is a product of heat exposure. Just to make sure, apply sunscreen when you go about your retinol serum regimen.

  • While effective on dry skin, retinoids can be used also on damp or wet skin.

    Whatever skin you apply the retinol product on doesn’t diminish the potency of the solution. Retinol serum can go about its usual healing properties, albeit the common practice is applying it to dry skin because of habit.

  • Retinoic acid usually takes about 3- 4 months to manifest its complete results.

    When it comes to great skincare, there are no shortcuts. The fallacy is that it would take a month for the acne, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation issues to totally disappear. However, you can rest assured that with regular application, you will eventually see glowing skin.

Proper Use of Retinol Serum

With all of these in mind, we can now know how to go about applying retinol serum to maximize its use.

  1. On clean skin, whether damp or dry, apply the serum on your face and neck.
  2. Massage thoroughly on the face, preferably using upward strokes.
  3. After massaging, use patting motions to even the serum out.
  4. Use the solution daily in the nightime.

Important Note: Pregnant women, or those who are breastfeeding, should not use retinoid or vitamin A rich skincare products. It is advised that you consult with a physician before undergoing the regimen.

Reaping the Benefits

Skincare should not be troublesome, especially with the myths we’ve been bombarded with. With the proper information regarding retinol serum, we will reap the fruits of our regimen and experience the various retinol serum benefits we have been promised.

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