Brace-related Questions for Your Orthodontist in Santa Ana, CA

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Braces can literally and figuratively hold you and your teeth for certain long period of time. It holds and molds your teeth, and at the same time restricts your lifestyle like food choices to some extent. Hence, before getting one, it is important to ask your orthodontist in Santa Ana, CA the following questions to make the years-long commitment worth it.

Why should I avail of correction procedures?

This question might come up to those who are already happy with their smiles. Because, why not? Smiles generally look awesome so long as they look sincere. And yes, it could be true that even the smiles with crooked or incomplete teeth might still nail it.

But sometimes, orthodontist might argue that it’s more than the looks. WebMD cited the following as the common reasons to fixing malpositioned and crooked teeth:

  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Compromised dental hygiene that lead to complications like cavities, gingivitis, and tooth decay
  • Higher risk of breaking a tooth due to teeth, jaw, and muscle strain
  • Self-esteem issues in relation to the mouth appearance

Like what the adage says, your orthodontist in Santa Ana, CA will say that dental correction procedures are more than what meets the eye. People should not worry over being looked at because of wanting to have their teeth fixed. Those who are undergoing or planning to go through dental corrections should just politely discuss the reasons stated the next time they feel that someone mistakes their choice as merely for aesthetics.

Are braces the appropriate treatment for me?

While it is common to tell an orthodontist what kind of treatment you want to avail of, it is also wise to get his or her opinion on the matter rather than imposing on the treatment. One driving factor that makes patients do so is the pressure among peers. One might request for a treatment, say braces, because of such pressure even though there is low need for that or there is another procedure more fit for the situation.

How much will I need?

Once the appropriateness of having braces have been settled, it is also right to ask your dentist how much it will cost to undergo such procedure. According to WebMD, the cost will range from $2,000 to $8,000. This price range is relatively lower compared to prices you can get from a cosmetic dentist in Santa Ana who offers other procedures like veneers and crown, which are on a per tooth basis.

What are the restrictions?

As stated in the introduction, once a person gets braces, s/he gets to be tied literally and figuratively. Some of the limitations to be faced are hard foods that might break the bond of the brackets and the teeth. Nuts and other foods that might get stuck between the wires are also to be avoided or be eaten with utmost care if cannot be avoided.

How long should I wear braces?

This depends on the severity of the misalignment of the teeth. It is very important to ask about this to your Sta. Ana dental clinic orthodontist before going through the procedure to make sure that the dental fix will not be getting in the way of future plans like involvement in sports where braces could be a liability.

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