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Business Nomad: 5 Tips on Earning Money While Traveling

Dreaming of motorcycling across Vietnam or backpacking Central America? Traveling the world has become more accessible, but unless you have an unlimited bank account, earning money is your most urgent concern. From running a digital web design business to other paid gigs, replenish your travel funds while you explore the world with these tips!

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5 Moneymaking Ideas for Travelers

Just as travelling pushes your boundaries, these options work best if you’re willing to be flexible and go beyond your comfort zone. Learn new skills, make new friends, and most importantly, get some cash to fund your wanderlust with these ideas:

  1. Work as a web designer

Nowadays, businesses might as well be invisible if they don’t have a website which has led to a huge demand for web designers. If you know Web publishing, HTML, Word Press, and other fundamental web designing skills, then you can start offering your services online.

This works well for travellers because you don’t have to be physically present to make websites for your clients; all you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection, a laptop, and your skills to start earning some cash.

  1. Work in Bars

What if you could hang out at your favourite beach in Thailand or Indonesia as long as you want, and still earn money on the side? Lots of bars hire travellers as short-time servers. This job is best for friendly and outgoing people who enjoy social interactions and don’t mind varying work schedules.

  1. Work in Hostels or Hotels

If the fast-paced action in bars is not your thing, a great alternative is working in hostels and hotels. These places always need more bellhops, wait staff, cleaners, event hosts, and kitchen staff. You typically get free accommodation and some salary for your work which is definitely a win-win.

  1. Work as a Translator

People who can speak several languages are always in high demand all over the world, and even more if you’re overseas. However, you do need to very fluent and have strong speaking and writing skills in the languages you’re translating. From translating copy to serving as remote customer representative, this skill can become a lucrative gig for travellers.

  1. Work as an Au Pair

Is English your native language, and do you love working with kids? Then working as a nanny or au pair may be perfect for you. A lot of families looking for au pairs prefer English speakers to help their kids practice, and the job often involves helping the kids with homework, picking them up for school, and cooking light meals, and other simple household duties.

In exchange, you get small salary, free room and board, and loads of free time to socialize, explore, and study.

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Fuel Your Global Adventures One Job at a Time

These moneymaking tips will allow you to travel all over the world as long as you want. If you’re the thrifty type, it’s even possible to set aside some savings so you have something to fall back on. Best of all? You get to widen your horizons and push your boundaries for a truly unforgettable global adventure.

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