Commercial Movers Share the Things That Most People Forget During Office Moves


Misplacing items and forgetting tasks are not uncommon during big moves. However, these things are best avoided when it comes to workplace relocations. Eliminate such risks by working with commercial movers and doing extensive sweeps of your old office before leaving it for good. Make sure you don’t overlook these tasks and items.

What People Forget During Office Relocation

Pens, loose paper, paper clips, and dust bunnies —these are not the only things that professional movers have found when doing last sweeps in offices. They also found certain tasks were left undone and items left behind. Make sure you don’t forget them when you leave your workplace:

  • Office Décor

Despite being some of the most eye-catching elements in spaces, office decorations are often overlooked during the packing period. Long-distance moving experts report finding name tags on office doors, potted plants tucked in hallways corners, and wall ornament during final sweeps. Make sure you don’t forget any of your offices before bidding goodbye to your workplace.

  • Contents of Supply Cabinets

Maintenance and supply closets are emptied last on the big day since their contents are used for junk removal and cleanups. Hence, it’s not surprising that their contents are often left behind. Make sure to clear all your upkeep cabinets so that you’ll already have cleaning supplies for your new workplace.

  • Appliances in the Pantry

The pantry is full of appliances, such as a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettles, and sometimes even an electric stove. Some of them are a fixed feature of the office rental, while others are properties of the company. Unfortunately, employees tasked with packing aren’t always aware of which is which. Some assume that all the appliances are fixed rental features, and so leave them behind.

Make sure your commercial movers and your employees tasked with packing are aware of the ownership status of your appliances. Give them a list if necessary.

  • Package Labels

Packing doesn’t end once your workplace furnishings and décor are safely tucked in moving boxes. It ends with labeling. This allows you to keep track of what each box contains, which is incredibly useful if you keep your boxes stacked on top of each other. Note down what the box contains and which room in the new office its contents will go into. Go the extra mile and color code your boxes for easier identification.

  • Change of Address

Inform all your contacts about your change of address to make sure future mail and packages are sent to your new address. Update your address on your business’s website and social media accounts as well. Make a post announcing your change of address to make sure your clients are informed of your company’s milestone.

Hire Commercial Movers for a Hassle-Free Workplace Move

Moving to a new office is a complex but fulfilling activity. It requires so much planning and coordination that those involved often overlook certain details. Work with a team of professional commercial and residential movers to make sure nothing is misplaced or forgotten during the relocation.


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