Contemporary Sofa Designs that Go with Any Décor

modern sofa living room

Hosting an event or simply looking to spruce up your living space? No need to rush out for a brand-new contemporary sofa for every occasion. All you need is to find a sleek statement piece from a contemporary furniture store in Los Angeles and style it any way you want, depending on the event.

Sofa Designs for Your Living Room

Contemporary sofa serves as the centerpiece of any social area, around which the whole décor revolves. It’s why it is important that you find the right style that suits your taste and lifestyle. Read on and let’s help you find your new favorite sofa right here!

• Leather Sofa – Comes with a sophisticated design and plush seating, leather sofa is ideal for homes with modern or transitional interiors. Leather is durable and flexible. This means that it can resist tears, punctures, and even spills and dirt! In addition, the leather sofa evokes a luxurious style that can be easily arranged to suit any occasion.

• Three-seater Sofa – This design is a modern interpretation of a classic sofa. Big, slightly rounded cushions in soft fabric make this sofa an inviting place to lounge in after a long day. Meanwhile, its tall square legs give it a light presence. It also comes in neutral colors to blend in easily with any room setup.

• Classic Leatherette Sofa with Chromed Frame – Available in black or white, this mid-century furniture in Los Angeles is a timeless addition to any space. Its leatherette cushions rest inside a modern frame to evoke a sophisticated vibe.

• Fabric Upholstered Sofa – This sofa design looks cozy and refined. It comes in a wide variety of designs and patterns, giving you more choices. The key is to stick to neutral colors and simple designs to match any interior décor.

• Hollywood Custom Sectional – This design is perfect for homes with spacious living rooms. With its ultra-clean shape and lines, the Hollywood custom sectional makes any room an inviting place to entertain guests.

Decorating Tips for Your Sofa

If you already purchased contemporary sofas from Los Angeles, fret not.  You can still bring the excitement back to your furniture with these simple tips and tricks!

• Add texture and pattern. Layering up is the key to accessorizing your solid-colored sofa. If your furniture is in a neutral color, add some colorful pillows and blankets to add character to it. If you want the design to be a bit more playful, opt for grey pillows with simple floral or shape patterns to give it life.

• Accessorize with unique pieces. Gold and silver accents are the perfect additions to your sofa if you’re hosting special occasions at home. Doing so balances the color and style of the living space and completes it with elegance.

• Update the rug. Accentuate your living room centerpiece by adding a bold rug underneath. Choose brightly colored rugs to bring out the shade of the sofa.

Choose the right furniture in Los Angeles if you want to make your living room more welcoming and comfortable! Start with your sofa, and all else will follow. Visit your local furniture store in LA today to find the right contemporary piece for your home.

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