Debunking Common Corporate Law Myths on Conveyancing

Here’s the thing: conveyancing is complicated. No two cases are alike. Each one demands intensive attention and thorough procedures. This is why it is one of the corporate law branches that’s surrounded by a lot of myths.

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Read on to learn about the most prevalent misconceptions about conveyancing and why you shouldn’t believe them.

Myth #1: Conveyancers are notoriously difficult to get hold of.

Definitely not. Even the busiest and most in-demand specialists of conveyancing in London always have time for their clients. So, if your conveyancer is often missing in action, that’s a red flag.

Think about it. With today’s surplus of communication channels, conveyance specialists should have no reason not to return your messages/texts/calls. The same goes if you’re still at the “searching for assistance” stage of conveyance. Be wary of corporate law companies that are difficult to contact. It can be an indication of their work ethics.

Myth #2: Local conveyancers should be your first choice since they are experts in your area.

Not really. Sure, it would be ideal if your conveyancer operates in your area as it’ll make it easier to arrange meetups. However, this should not be your key deciding factor.

A non-local conveyance specialist can also meet—if not exceed—your expectations.

If your area’s conveyance policies are slightly different from that of others (although this is highly unlikely), non-local conveyancers can easily pick up anything they lack through credible sources and connections.

Worried that distance can get in the way of clear and coherent correspondence? The Internet holds the answer. As mentioned in the previous myth, there’s no shortage of communication platforms online. Keep these in mind when choosing a conveyancer.

Myth #3: Conveyancing is only an option for the rich.

Not necessarily. While conveyancing is certainly not cheap, it’s also not unaffordable. There are affordable ones in London. You just need to find them. With that said, be wary of conveyancers with extremely cheap rates. It can be indicative of unreliable work and/or error-ridden conveyances. It may also lead you to spend more than you initially intended.

Myth #4: Solicitors and conveyancers are the same.

No, they are. They only share similarities in their duties. Although some of them have one, conveyancers are not required to have a legal degree. Their services include helping people accomplish the steps necessary for buying or selling a property. Unlike solicitors, they are not qualified to offer legal advice.

Given these, conveyancers are only recommended for cases that are simple and straightforward. If your case is complicated, hire a solicitor. Not sure under which case your situation falls under? Consult a corporate lawyer.

Take note! These are only the most frequently cited myths about conveyancing. Most of them are about the general aspects of the procedure.  So, even if your experiences with your case are not similar to any of these misconceptions; it’s possible that something you know about it is inaccurate.

As such, getting expert assistance is always advised. Work with the best corporate lawyers in London to make sure everything is in order in the end.

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