Describe 2019 Interior Design in 7 Adjectives with Kravet Wallpaper

To know something means to be able to describe it accurately. Get to know 2019 with these seven adjectives and utilize Kravet Wallpaper to achieving that 2019 look of your dreams!


  1. Luxurious.

The first word that should come into your mind with 2019 is LUXURY! The expression of richness is one significant trend this year that you won’t be missing. From big and soft sofas to the use of velvet and warmer and more inviting colors, 2019 will be as rich as it gets.

  1. Traditional.

Whatever happens, almost all interior design styles draw their roots in tradition. Traditional designs speak about a specific personality or reflect a certain age, serving as a sort of physical commentary. Traditional is not about being old; it is about respecting history, learning from it and letting it guide the future.

  1. Eco-Friendly and Natural.

The eco-friendly trend is not only making its presence known in the food and fashion industries, but it has also crawled its way to interior design and has influenced it in two levels.

One, designs are now reflecting more natural and environmental themes. Expect to see greens, floral designs, and live plants in 2019. Two is that production of décor and furniture is paying attention to what happens to leftover materials. With the advent of energy-saving appliances, more and more ways are being developed to recompose these materials in smart ways.

  1. Minimalist.

What most people mistake about minimalism is that it is cold and uncomfortable in its severity. This is not true! A minimalist design can be warm and comforting. What is true is that minimalism is all about a no-fuss clean, elegant and simple design characterized by refinement, comfort, and attention to functionality.

  1. Richer.

Loud, statement-making colors will characterize 2019. Take a pick from the following:

  • Burnt yellow. This used to be seen as overwhelming and dramatic; however, as said earlier, the bolder, the better! Also, this shade of yellow creates a joyous atmosphere for your home. Achieve this effect using a burnt yellow Osborne & Little wallpaper!
  • Although we have seen designers use cooler colors like shades of green and blue, warmer tones are coming back this year, and it might be the best time to bring out those reds creating a warmer more inviting home.
  • The interior design world has also caught the millennial fever as we have seen in 2018. This year, expect to see more shades of pink in home décor and fashion. See it incorporated in creative and unique ways creating more exciting updates to your home space.
  1. Convertible.

2019 will see designers incorporating intriguing but sensible updates to current trends. Homes catered for urban living is a good example. We will be seeing more movable walls and built-in furniture with even the smallest space getting the much-needed attention.

  1. Compact and Multifunctional.

Speaking of city dwelling, it makes sense for designers to tackle urban living problems by creating ingenious designs. These efforts shall give birth to pieces that serve a number of functions and can adapt to its occupants’ needs.

Get on the 2019 bandwagon now before you get left in the dusts of outdatedness.

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