Don’t Miss Out On the Sports Action This Season, Get Treatment from a LASIK Eye Center in Los Angeles Now!

couple watching a basketball game

If you wanted a better reason to visit a LASIK eye center in Los Angeles to have that your eye problem solved, think about this:

Baseball season is about to wrap up, and the Dodgers have a big chance of making the World Series.

Football season has just started, and the Rams and Chargers are looking good.

Hockey season starts in a few weeks, and the Kings have their best line-up in years.

Basketball season begins in a month, and the Lakers can make the finals with LeBron James!

LA Sports is at an All Time High

Nothing can give you a better adrenaline rush than seeing the home teams battle out with teams from all over the country. However, how can you enjoy sports highlights if you’re still struggling with your eye problems?

Isn’t it better if you can see how the hockey puck goes into the net? Or how the home runs fly into the stands? The play-by-play announcer can make up for what you won’t see, but viewing every moment as it happens is something very special.

Things to look for in a LASIK Eye Center

It isn’t hard to look for centers for Los Angeles LASIK vision correction, but there are certain questions you need to ask.

  1. Is the doctor expertly-trained, and does he have years of experience under his belt?

In selecting a vision correction center, make sure that the doctor attending to you is one of the best to make sure that you’re not being compromised when it comes to your eyes. Here’s a criteria when selecting your eye center and doctor:

Has ophthalmologist board certification.

Has certification to perform laser eye treatments with top equipment lines

Attended acclaimed universities for both pre-med and medical school proper.

Included in reviews as one of the top eye surgeons in the area.

Has done procedures several times over years of experience.

Has various payment methods available (cash, check, credit card, CareCredit, etc.).

Has genuine commitment to giving their patients only the best eye care.

  1. Is the technology cutting edge?

LASIK surgery options are many, but a handful can give you the best treatment you seek. A great example of this technology is Allegretto Wave ® technology which is capable of doing the following:

Use of harness wave front optimization to compensate for curves of the cornea automatically.

Ability to produce in the biggest optical zones, or portions of the cornea corrected by LASIK, which is an advantage in helping with night vision and patients with large pupils.

Ability to adjust to the eye every time it moves during the LASIK procedure, in which every 4-6 milliseconds the eye’s location is measured, and the wave’s internal mirrors are automatically aligned.

Minimize issues with older laser produce, including glare, halos and night vision reduction.

Why Let A Year of Sports Highlights Pass You By?

This year promises to be a breakthrough year when it comes to SoCal sports, so don’t miss out on the action! Get your eyes ready to witness those amazing plays unfold on your HD TV, or even while watching in the stands. Avail of laser eye surgery in Los Angeles now, so that you can vividly describe LeBron’s triple double to your drinking buddies come Thanksgiving!

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