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Dos and Don’ts in Taking Care of Your Artificial Turf Installation in Houston, TX

You took the first step! You made the leap! Now you need to take care of your investment. Your artificial turf installation in Houston, TX is indeed durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear. However, that does not mean you should abandon all caution and not maintain it properly.

Artificial grass Dos and Donts

Anything that is not taken care of ends up devolving into utter ruin. Here are a few reminders to help you enjoy your artificial lawn for a long time.


  • DO dig out all weeds, small plants, and other greenery before installing. If you do not, these can cause damage to your artificial grass when they grow.
  • DO ensure that a system is placed to prevent small animals like moles, rats, or voles from burrowing into your artificial turf. If your artificial lawn company is worth their salt, they will take care of this for sure!
  • DO NOT disregard your backyard’s uneven lawn. Fill up depressions and cavities and make sure that the ground is flat and even before starting the artificial turf installation in Houston, TX. Not only is laying over an uneven surface aesthetically not pleasing; it can cause accidents as well.


  • DO NOT walk over the grass immediately after installation. Wait after at least 24 hours after being installed to provide enough time for the glue to settle and harden. If not, portions of your artificial grass could come up and destroy the overall look of the lawn.
  • DO feel free to walk, run, jump, etc., as you would on normal grass without fear of damaging your artificial lawn or hurting yourself. Artificial grass is made of sturdy materials and can withstand extreme pressure and force.
  • DO NOT use fire close to your grass. Although backyard barbecue is a cool thing to do in your artificial lawn, using fire near your lawn can easily damage your artificial grass. You can still hold that backyard BBQ party; make sure you order everything pre-cooked OR do the cooking elsewhere.
  • DO let your pet play on your artificial lawn. In fact, this is better than having them run around natural grass. Synthetic grass for pets in Houston is free of toxins, easy to clean, and has no danger of being chewed off.
  • DO NOT use or push smart objects into the turf as these will damage your artificial lawn. If you would need to install a play space for your kids, ask the installer for options.
  • DO wear your regular clothing. One of the benefits of an artificial lawn is that there is no dirt! Even if you play with water, there is no fear of mudding up your home!
  • DO NOT pour anything hot on the lawn or put something hot on it. As with fire, hot liquids and objects can cause significant damage to your artificial turf.


If you have other questions regarding artificial lawn maintenance, ask your installers for more information. They should be more than happy to assist. Treat and maintain your lawn correctly to keep it the best synthetic grass in Houston, TX!

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