Easy-to-Maintain Bathroom & Shower Remodel in Los Angeles

One of the main reasons people opt for a tub or shower remodel in Los Angeles is because it easily accumulates dirt. Being the area where you do most of your hygiene work, the bathroom is exposed to element and body waste, and needs a lot of maintenance. It is no wonder why 81% of remodeling jobs in the country is dedicated to the bathroom.

Air ventilation moisture duct in bathroom pipe hole

Clean Solutions for Bathroom Remodelling

Here are some tips to achieve a bathroom that is easy to clean and maintain:

  1. Start with the Tiles

Traditionally, bathrooms tiling is full of grout. However, since dirt and mildew accumulates in the grout, modern design is focusing on getting rid of that element.  As an alternative, avoid grout all together.

Vinyl tiles and planks can be installed without putting in grout joints, saving you from cleaning those spaces in between.  They can even mimic the appearance of wood! For best results, try to go for a 12-inch by 24-inch tile size for your bathroom flooring.

For bath wall surrounds in Southern California, use stone slabs instead of tiles to create a solid, grout-free wall. A 12-inch by 24-inch wall tile is a good enough size to use for your wall. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a wall that can be scrubbed in a few strokes, and doesn’t require several rubs to get unsightly, blackish dirt out!

  1. Invest in Appliances with Less Ridges

Appliances like faucets and toilets usually have ridges and seams where dirt and grime can collect. The most practical solution is simply to get rid of these edges so that you have less to clean! In choosing your appliances, try to get items that have less hard to reach spots as much as possible.

Examples of appliances that minimize cleaning include the following:

• Back to wall toilets
• Freestanding bathtubs
• Wall-mounted/ handheld showers

These investments will pay off grandly, especially since bathroom remodeling in Southern California has to be more practical, and less-cleaning intensive because of the hot weather.

  1. Create a great ventilation system

Many people are preoccupied with the bathroom design, that they forget about one of the main culprits of dirt and grime: ventilation. A bathroom that is poor in getting rid of odors and moisture from human use is prone to untidiness.

An ideal ventilation system consists of either a vented exhaust, or a combined exhaust-and-window system. To make sure all the moistures are vented out, base your exhaust system on the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is nowhere near the window, get a ventilation system that has a more powerful extraction rate. For more precise extraction of bathroom moisture, place the system near the bathing area, since this is where water mostly accumulates.

Cover All of Your Bathroom’s Bases

By thoroughly checking all of the details for your bathroom makeover, you and your contractor will be able to do a renovation that will make your bathroom better and easier to clean.

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