Failsafe Ways to Fabric Up Your Home with Schumacher Fabric

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As there is a limitless array of choices of fabric to use, there is an equally limitless number of ways you can use them! With a broad selection as one can expect from the top in the industry, Schumacher fabric offers up a host of fabric choices that will leave you bumbling and not knowing which to pick.

Read on and find out how simple it can be!


Colors bring a lot to the table. They can convey emotion or create an ambiance. Careful use of colors and a smart management of your home’s color palette can drive home the atmosphere you are aiming for.

When it comes to dealing with colors, it is important to invest in a good starting base. Neutral colors like blacks and grays are a good starting point. It would be wise and helpful for your future design projects if you’ll start with an elegant lambswool blanket.

As you get comfortable, you can go on and explore bolder shades. Combine patterns and prints with your neutral colors to give them an updated look. As floral and organic designs are predicted to be the go-to patterns for 2019, you can safely venture to shades of greens. Begin at the ground level—rugs, floor coverings—going up even to the ceiling, adding a new layer to your color palette.

For a more detailed guide, check out online color masters and pick the one that closely resembles your own taste—or better yet, use these color masters as guide and create your own!


A good starting point when trying to decorate a room is simply choosing three fabrics with different designs: a solid, a stripe, and one with small to medium scale patterns. The three fabrics should share at least one color among them. From this foundation, it is all a matter of finding the balance with these three textiles.

A common rule of thumb is following the 60/30/10 rule, that is, using your primary fabric (usually the solid one) in 60% of the room, followed by your secondary fabric in 30% of the room, and the last fabric in the remaining 10%. Although this is not a cold hard rule, it is a nice starting point.


You can use a lot of elements to add texture to your room design. Layering is a technique wherein you add these elements one by one, each one complementing the other while creating your desired atmosphere and effect all in all.

Laces are a fashionable layering option. Get them in black and sew them onto your fabrics to give them a vintage look.

Have your cushions embroidered with details with a folk touch. For a cheaper option, have these patterns digitally printed onto your fabric, giving this traditional design a modern twist.

Throw pillows are also an affordable option. The softness and puff they add contribute to creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.


We’ve just scratched the surface here! There are loads of ways you can creatively incorporate fabrics into your designs. Hang them in frames, create wall accents, sew them into huge rags, there are limitless options!

So what are you waiting for? Check Lee Jofa fabric and start your design projects today!

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