How Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight? 6 Things that Happen in Your Body Inside a Sauna

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Do saunas really help you lose weight? Well, despite all the arguments, medical research studies have indeed proven that steam bathing in saunas can help reduce your weight in one way or another. To make sure it is effective and safe, you should understand how the weight loss happens inside that hot room.

How do saunas help you lose weight?

We usually think that getting into saunas helps us lose weight just because it makes us sweat and we commonly associate sweating to burning calories or fats. However, it does not work simply that way. Here are the ways saunas do it.

  • It boosts your metabolism

Staying inside a sauna helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate. The high temperature boosts your heart rate by 30% causing a 20% increase in the rate of your metabolism. And this is just the beginning; the rate speeds up as you stay inside. Even after a few hours, your body will continue burning calories at that rate. See? You lose calories without running or walking!

  • It helps reduce water weight

About five pounds of your total weight is composed of water. And it is not easy to lose. It requires about a week of strict diet mixed with workout to get rid of it. But as the sauna induces heavy sweating on you, the faster you can expel this water weight, possibly in one to two days.

  • It detoxifies your body

How does sauna help you lose weight through detoxification? We have already established in the previous points that staying inside a sauna for some minutes induces heavy sweating. As you sweat, you are not just burning some calories and expelling some water weight; you are also releasing some toxins found in your sweat. This includes nickel, mercury, zinc, and copper, which you usually get from the food you take in. The more of these heavy metals are flushed out in your lymphatic system, the easier it will be for you to burn the fat.

  • It relaxes you, thus reducing the stress levels

How does stress reduction inside a steam or infrared sauna boost weight loss? Well, when your stress levels rise up, the cortisol levels in your body also increase. This stress hormone, brought by excessive mental and/or physical stress, causes the harmful free oxygen radicals in your body to proliferate, resulting to inflammation. Inflammation can induce weight. So, when the hot bath pulls your cortisol levels down, the chances of inflammation-induced weight gain will likewise decrease.

  • It enhances your stamina

Saunas have the ability to enhance your breathing capacity, improve your respiratory functions, and addressing several problems in your respiratory system. With these benefits, working out, going on long walks, and jogging will not be much of a trouble for you. The greater your ability is to exercise, the more calories are being burned.

These are just the health benefits of saunas that boost weight loss. Saunas, regardless of the type, offer other advantages for our bodies such as relieving muscle pains, addressing skin asthma, and improving cardiovascular health, among others. And with the rise of personal and in house saunas, you can now enjoy these health benefits to the maximum in your own home.

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