How SEM and SEO for Blockchain Can Impact Your Start up Business

When it comes to marketing your blockchain business, you can always turn to old school techniques, such as the use of search engine marketing and optimization or SEM/SEO. Using SEM or SEO for blockchain has a tremendous effect, since it promotes a business that uses a ledger of economic transactions that is free from corruption. It is imperative that you capitalise on these techniques to make your product more memorable.

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How Blockchain Affects SEM and SEO

When SEO crosses into blockchain itself, it will be included in the website. Doing so will encourage developers and SEOs to work together to solve compatibility issues with content management systems and website platforms. In addition, the payment by crypto has the potential to be leveraged for more transparency.

  • Getting Rid of the Middleman

For your ads on websites, make use of those provided by search engines like Google and Bing. They also serve as your middlemen in determining the number of clicks for your ads. Placing blockchain in your system in place of the middleman will show the genuine nature of every user. This will also save advertisers and website owners money, and provide them with an efficient digital asset management solution.

  • Prevention of Fraud

Since a blockchain can’t be hacked, occurrences of online fraud are lessened. Transparency in transactions can be enacted without people having to disclose their personal details. Ad fraud costs advertisers billions of dollars in profit yearly. A blockchain solution that is centred on digital identification systems is seen to end all of that.

Advantages for SEO Blockchain Promotion

On the other hand, search engine visibility can immensely benefit any blockchain business. Here are just some of the perks you get with the use of SEO for your startup:

  • Better explanation of your product

So far, blockchain has been most successful as a cryptocurrency. However, there are growing efforts to make it more involved in other aspects of life. If you have a startup which makes use of blockchain in a unique way, this may serve as an opportunity for you to spread the word via online presence.

  • Promotion of your app and its ledger

You need someone to promote awareness of the blockchain on the Internet. There are many potential investors, but many of them still need clarification on the concept of SEO. Having your own optimization agency will get the word out on your promising venture.

  • Establishing a presence early on.

One of Bitcoin’s advantages is that it entered the market with almost zero competition. While other blockchain and cryptos have made their mark from the start, your business wants to be able to get there too. With a partner who has studied every cryptocurrency, there is, your quest to be the most prominent force in your field will be made easier.

Get Visibility for Your Blockchain

Work with a team with great knowledge in Internet marketing to refine your market, while maintaining your high standards. This is the main reason a brand ambassador for blockchain companies is a big help. When looking for a marketer, check their portfolio, as well as their record for both marketing and blockchain/ICO ventures. By verifying their credibility, you will be one step closer to SEO/SEM profitability and success.

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