Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Lawn with the Best Artificial Grass in Vacaville, CA

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Once you start getting itchy red bumps and hearing faint buzzing around your ears, it’s probably too late for the best way to get rid of mosquitoes —prevention. However, don’t give up on getting rid of these disease-carrying pests just yet. Put an end to your mosquito problem by replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass in Vacaville, CA!

Solve Your Mosquito Problem with Artificial Grass

Mosquitoes can be terribly annoying, especially when all you want to do is relax on your beautiful lawn. Not only can they ruin your outdoor time, but they can also carry numerous viruses and diseases, such as the Zika virus, Malaria, and Yellow Fever.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds when you have a natural lawn. Real grass creates the perfect conditions for a mosquito infestation: standing water, tall grass, leaf debris, and more. Unless you’re incredibly diligent with maintaining your lawn or prepared to pay a professional to conduct insect control regularly, you can have a recurring mosquito problem on your hands.

The most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is not to give them a chance to breed in the first place. Synthetic grass in Vacaville can help you achieve this in several ways:

  • It eliminates standing water.

Mosquitoes love those puddles left over after a rain shower or watering the yard. Never assume that there’s none in your yard. Mosquito larvae and pupae can multiply in moisture pockets in places as little as a leaf or bottle cap quickly.

Therefore, the most critical step of controlling mosquitoes is to drain all standing water in your lawn. Synthetic grass simplifies this part. It has a porous layer that drains water efficiently in a short amount of time. Moisture has no chance to accumulate, drastically reducing the breeding opportunities of mosquitoes.

  • It keeps the yard well-trimmed.

If standing water is where mosquitoes breed, then tall grasses and shrubbery are where they like to hide and rest. Since artificial grass in Vacaville, CA never grows and will always stay at your preferred height, mosquitoes won’t have anywhere to congregate.

  • It supports mosquito-repellent plants.

Another way to keep these pests out is to bring mosquito-repelling plants in. Even though you won’t be able to plant them directly on your synthetic lawn, artificial grass can handle the weight of planter boxes and heavy pots well. Basil, citronella, lavender, marigolds, and lemon balm are fragrant additions to any garden. They’re also unattractive to mosquitoes, so that’s a double win.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Yard with Artificial Grass

Aside from turning away mosquitoes and preventing them from breeding, turf and artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville also protect your yard from other pests. Artificial grass doesn’t provide food or shelter to organisms, making it inhospitable to insects and common pests like rats.

Scratch pests off your yard worries with synthetic grass. Take off mowing, watering, fertilizing, and other tedious lawn maintenance tasks from your daily routine as well. Call your local installers to learn more about how synthetic turf can help you create a safer, cleaner, and more attractive yard!

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