Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers Share Practical Advice for Grooms

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Making grooms stand out can be a challenging task, especially when most of the wedding spotlight is focused on the bride. As a groom, remember that this is your big day too. Once the wedding is over, you’ll want beautiful photos to immortalize one of the most important days of your life. Leesburg, VA wedding photographers share simple tips that grooms can use to look and feel their best in front of the camera!

5 Wedding Photography Tips for Grooms

Many grooms tend to be camera shy, but there are numerous ways to boost one’s confidence on the big day. Keep these tips and tricks in mind to help you pose for amazing wedding photos:

  1. Don’t be afraid to show emotions.

Don’t hold back those smiles and tears. Those pure emotions are the heart of spectacular wedding images. If you’re concerned about your privacy, remember that experienced wedding photographers will never publish those images without your permission. Wear your heart on your sleeve and trust your photographer to do the rest.

  1. Be prepared.

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to wedding photography. Find out when your photographer is due to arrive, and make sure to gather your groomsmen if you want photos of them getting ready for the celebrations. Prepare your clothes and any necessary props in advance.

Note that your Leesburg, VA, wedding photographers will also need to come back to your bride, so contribute to a smooth transition by being ready on your side.

  1. Empty your pockets.

You want to look as polished and dapper as possible in your wedding photos, so lose the clutter. Remove phones, coins, car keys, and other items from your pockets. If you absolutely need them, hide them in your jacket pockets instead to prevent your clothes from looking bulky and unkempt.

  1. Know when to open and close your jacket.

Your Northern Virginia photographer may recommend wearing your jacket open for most of the day. The reason behind this is simple: a closed jacket tends to bunch up when you’re sitting down, and it doesn’t look good in photos.

Remember to leave your jacket open when sitting down, then close it when you’re standing and moving around. Don’t forget to remind your groomsmen to follow suit for a uniform look.

  1. Keep your eyes on your bride.

Try to forget that the camera is even there. Instead, look at your beloved bride and smile at her as often as you can during the ceremony. Not only will this help you feel at ease and connected throughout the day, but it will also help your photographer capture those loving moments and intimate glances.

The Most Important Tip: Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

Grooms should remember the most important advice of all —to enjoy every minute of their wedding day. Rely on your wedding and corporate photographer in Washington, DC to take care of capturing the special moments. Focus on making wonderful memories with your bride, family, and friends!

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