Local Wedding Photographer Discusses the Best Moments to Capture when Tying the Knot

Just married looks romantically while dancing on the wedding

Crisp laughter, glistening eyes, and tender voice that narrate the most marvellous stories of how they met and how they tied the knot – this is a very fond moment that grandparents share with their grandchildren. Their memories of those times are old but gold, as the cliché goes, but they can definitely reprise it with vivid descriptions. Thanks to the local wedding photographer who took their photos, their grandchildren will have something to see to complement their grandparents’ tales.

Having these golden moments in mind (as early as planning the wedding) is important so that what can be frozen through time, like photos, can be very appealing to have a glimpse at any time in the future. So thinking of shots for prenup and weeding shoot is very essential. Here are some moments that you would want to capture to have feel-good reminiscing moments with your wedding photographs in the future.

  • Remake of your first meeting

    Whether the two of you met in a public library as you were looking for a good read or during a disastrous commute in a bus stop, staging that moment again will surely give your prenup photo shoot the life and love it needs. Indeed, looking back at these moments will give nostalgic feeling that will make you fall in love over again.

  • Dress like elderly

    This time, the two of you will be future-oriented and will dress yourselves as if you are already in your 50s or 60s. Trying this could make the two of you more thrilled about the wedding because you can now see a slice of tomorrow that awaits you, even if it will still be some decades from now.

    To add to the creativity, you can also choose to stage the activities you would like to do together once you reached that age. Tending the garden, feeding your grandchildren, or just enjoying cups of tea – you name it.

  • Parents and friends’ emotions

    It is not only the couple that will be filled with inundating emotions but also people close to them. Freezing these moments through photos will remind you in the future how much the event has touched so many hearts. During weddings, it is likely to encounter people like overly attached best friends and parents who could be crying bittersweet tears.

  • The departure

    In typical weddings, guests would watch the couple ride their vehicle going to their honeymoon. Capturing this would remind the couple of the moment they finally went on their own to their way to one of the peaks of their married life. So take a pose and show how elated you are during this part of the wedding.

Luckily, local wedding photographers are very flexible and easy to deal with when it comes to shot requests. Just say it, and they will work their way out to bring out the best in these moments worth capturing. They also come very handy especially if they have already handled many clients and are familiar with the routines of local wedding photography. Aside from the ideas mentioned above, they will have a lot more suggestions on how to shoot best photos to look back at.

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