Make Pet Care Easier with Artificial Turf Installation in Stockton

Dogs are wonderful companions, but dogs and natural grass yards just don’t mix. From muddy paw prints to dangerous holes and discolored spots in your yard, it’s almost impossible to maintain a beautiful lawn when you have a pet at home. Because of this, many homeowners are turning to artificial turf installation in Stockton to solve some of the most common problems that pet owners encounter with real grass.

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4 Advantages of Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass is the best way to create a yard that both you and your dog will love. Here are some benefits of this popular landscaping alternative:

  1. Easy to Clean

Artificial grass makes it easier to maintain a clean and sanitary yard. After your dog goes potty, simply pick up the solids to dispose as usual and hose down urine. The drainage layer of artificial grass will take care of any fluids, leaving you with a hygienic and dry surface that’s always safe to spend time on. 

  1. No More Mud

Even the tiniest amount of moisture can create mud from the soil of a real grass lawn. Dogs have a sixth sense for finding mud and playing in it, eventually tracking it all over your yard and house. Say goodbye to this problem for good with artificial grass for dogs in Stockton. With no dirt to create mud even after a heavy rainstorm, your dog can run, explore, and play to her heart’s content without leaving dirty paw prints behind.

  1. Always Looks Fantastic

If you own both a natural grass yard and a dog, then you already know how quickly they can damage your lawn. Their urine can wither and kill grass, and they’re prone to digging up ugly holes that can become hazard risks.

In contrast, the fibers of artificial grass are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and impact. An energetic dog can play for hours on your yard, and artificial grass will bounce right back with no signs of wear and tear. There’s no dirt for your dog to dig, and no grass to pull out and stain. You’re left with a beautiful lawn that looks as good as the day it was installed.

  1. Safer for Dogs

Real grass can have numerous hidden dangers for dogs. There are weeds that can be poisonous for dogs when ingested, and sharp twigs and burrs can hurt their paws and get tangled in their fur. Not to mention insects like fleas and ticks that can infest an unlucky canine. None of these are present in artificial grass for dogs, so you never have to worry about your dog’s safety every times he goes out the door to play outside.

Find Pet Turf in Stockton

Synthetic grass in Stockton offers amazing benefits to pet owners that its natural counterpart simply can’t match. It eliminates all the stress and hassle of maintaining your yard with a pet, leaving you with more time to spend with your pooch. Learn more about pet turf when you call your local artificial grass experts in Stockton today!

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