Make Playtime Safer for Kids with the Help of a Reliable Artificial Grass Installer in Manteca

Getting lots of fresh air and sunshine is important for a child’s health, and having a yard is the easiest way to get in some outdoor playtime. Unfortunately, real grass can pose safety and health issues for children, some of which parents may not even be aware of. When it comes to creating a safer yard for kids, it’s a good idea to talk to an artificial grass installer in Manteca to explore your options.

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Why Artificial Turf is Safer for Kids

Here are some benefits of switching to artificial turf for kiddie play areas:

  • Artificial grass is hypoallergenic.

Many kids are allergic to pollen, and even short exposure can trigger itchy eyes, runny nose, swelling, and skin rashes, or worse, turn into full-blown asthma. Because of this danger, children with grass allergies usually have to stay indoors and miss out on playing with their friends especially during summer and spring.

Artificial turf does not harbor allergens, so it’s always safe for children to play on no matter the season without triggering their symptoms.

  • Artificial grass is non-toxic.

Keeping artificial grass alive typically involves the use of chemicals like fertilizers, weedicides, and pesticides. When children play, run, and lay down in the grass, they can come into contact with these chemicals, and it can get them sick.

Parents can eliminate this problem altogether by covering their lawn with synthetic grass instead. High-quality turf is made from non-toxic materials, and you never have to apply chemicals just to keep it thriving.

  • Artificial grass provides a better terrain.

Over time, real grass yards tend to develop holes that cause tripping hazards. There are also a large amount of sharp twigs, stones, and rocks that can easily result to scrapes and wounds. It’s also slippery when wet.

In contrast, synthetic grass will not develop holes and bare patches no matter how hard and rough your kids play. Similar to artificial grass for dogs in Manteca, play turf quickly drains away water so your children always have a dry and non-slip surface to play on. There’s no bacteria-loaded mud to clean up, no puddles to slip on, and less worries for parents overall.

  • Artificial grass offers softer landing.

Falling down is a natural part of playtime, but the unyielding surface of natural grass can hurt kids. Artificial grass provides a more cushioned landing, some products of which can cushion falls from as high as a few feet. These means a lower risk for injuries, and much more opportunity for maximum fun.

Artificial Turf is the Family-Friendly Solution

Synthetic grass is not just amazing for kids, but it also spells good news for parents. Since artificial turf is low-maintenance, you don’t have to waste time, money, and effort just to keep your yard looking good.

There’s also plenty of ways to make your yard fun for all ages, such as installing artificial putting greens in Manteca for golf lovers or multi-sport court to inspire some friendly competition among friends and family. Enjoy your yard, protect your loved ones, and maintain a perfect lawn with artificial grass!

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