Make Your Personal Sauna Experience Grand with these Tips

The personal sauna experience becomes richer as you tailor it to your needs. You feel better since you have a space of your own, and you can concentrate on getting health benefits. If you do your sauna sessions by the book, you won’t be able to maximize the sauna you purchased.

If you want your personal sauna experience to be extraordinary, you have to let your personality show. In this post, you will learn the many ways on how you can have a sauna that’s truly “in-home.”

personal sauna

Own Your Spa Experience

For a more fulfilling experience at your personal sauna, own every aspect of it. Here are just some of the ways you can personalize your experience for infrared sauna weight loss, relief of pain, skincare and so much more!

  • Choose a sauna that caters to your needs.
    While there are many infrared saunas, not all of them are alike. Some are made of a special variety of wood; some have more carbon fibers for heating than the others. Whatever your choice is, make sure that it will give you a relaxing experience. This will be the key to your total wellness.

    If you want a more fragrant type of sauna, consider getting one made of cedar instead of the usual hemlock. It may cost you a bit more, but it offers something more pleasurable and exciting for you. Since a sauna is also supposed to heal you mentally and spiritually, getting this type of sauna might be more of a fit for you!

  • Personalize the experience by adding customary add-ons
    Make your personal sauna better by placing some add-ons a purifier and feet warmer. You get to have a unique experience, and actually enjoy your personal time in the sauna.

    These customized items will also largely contribute to the benefits you get inside the sauna. You’re able to work on your posture, and have clean, purified air to breathe all the time. That’s something you can’t get out of a regular portable infrared sauna!

  • Do exercises in the sauna.
    While you can do exercises outside of the sauna, you can also do them while in it. One such exercise you can do is yoga. Doing hot yoga will increase the likelihood of you burning fat. Doing so will allow you to lose up to around 42 calories while in it.

    Not only can the sauna be used for a cool-down, you can also get the weight loss benefits when you’re in it as well!

  • Do the sauna session before an exercise.
    It may come as a surprise, since people usually use saunas after a workout. However, physical therapists are saying that doing an exercise right after a sauna session could actually bring you more benefits. You are able to warm up the body prior to an actual workout, and set it up for an intense workout session.

Have a stress-free sauna experience

To answer the question: “does sauna burn fat faster when I use it alone?” Yes it can. But it will do so much for you if you make your experience in the sauna all your own. With your own personal touch, being in a sauna has never been more fun!

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