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Maximize the Sustainable Features of Artificial Putting Greens in Portland to Preserve the Environment

Using artificial grass putting greens in Portland does not only make the playing field look good, but it will also help the environment in a variety of ways. The points discussed below are some of the contributions of artificial grass in helping the environment.

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Water Conservation and Collection

A backyard putting green with real grass requires watering at least once a day depending on the season.  With artificial grass, you only use water to clean the lawn, which is very rare. With less water usage, the environment will have an easier time replenishing the water basins where we get our water.

Water collection is also enhanced since artificial grass installed by a competent contractor will have an effective drainage system in place.  This drainage system can be used to collect water, which can be used to irrigate the plants and trees around the putting green.

Minimize Chemical Pollution

Real grass requires fertilizers to maintain its fresh appearance, pesticides to control insects that feast on the grass blades, and herbicides to control the growth of weeds. These chemicals pollute the water system and are, in some ways, harmful to the environment.

By using top quality artificial grass in Portland, Oregon, you help prevent chemical pollution since artificial grass does not require fertilizers or pesticides to keep it looking fresh all the time.  Weed control, on the other hand, is done by incorporating a lining of the weed membrane between the topsoil and the artificial grass.

Minimizes Air Pollution

An area covered with real grass will require mowing, trimming, and cleaning.  If the area is quite wide, these activities will require machines powered by fuel.  Most of these maintenance machines consume fossil fuel which emits carbon monoxide into the air. Artificial grass does not require the maintenance activities that real grass needs, so fuel consumption and corresponding smoke emission is eliminated.

Reduce Power Consumption

Artificial pet turf in Portland can be installed in different places, such as the roof deck. This synthetic grass cover acts as insulation for your building, lowering power consumption by minimizing the use of air conditioners.  With proper insulation, you are also reducing the building’s heat emission, and so less heat is transferred to the environment.

Minimize Waste production

For real grass, mowing and trimming are done regularly to maintain its appearance.  These grass trimmings, once collected, are transported to landfills.  When these grass trimmings decompose, they give off methane.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.  With the installation of artificial grass, mowing and trimming are eliminated.  Contrary to the common belief that it will also end up in the landfill at the end of its lifespan (up to 25 years), artificial grass can be recycled to produce new synthetic turf products.

Help Save the Environment!

If you are planning to create putting greens in Portland for your home or as part of your business, you can opt to use real grass and perform all the required maintenance.  Or you can help the environment and use artificial grass instead. Choose wisely.

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