Millennial Attitudes on Travel Culture

young traveling backpacker on vacation at the train station

In one of your travels to Europe, South America, or popular parts or Asia, chances are you’ve shared a trip with millennials. Contrary to the stereotype that this generation spends a grave amount of time looking at electronic device screens, they travel like it’s serious business – in the expense of many things like failing to save for mortgage and completely messing up their finances.

What is the rationale for this attitude, you might ask? Why is travel so important and what does this say about the prodigal generation?

Internet technology and media

One reason why travel is popular among millennials is because it’s right on their doorstep. Travel industries are smart enough to bank on where you usually find the millennial’s gaze – electronic devices. Travel blogs, booking sites, and travel apps are on the rise to entice and attract millennials to go ahead and explore.

In few clicks and taps, they could accomplish the following in an hour:

  • Find the next travel destination
  • Book a flight
  • Reserve a hotel room
  • Plan a three-day itinerary
  • Get reviews and participate in forums among other travelers

Sure, the entire plan itself takes more than an hour to conceive and execute, but back in the days, you would have to find a lot of phone numbers, make actual calls, and go through a list of hotels printed on paper – things a millennial would be too lazy to do.

We’re lucky to have the technology that makes travel planning easier. Adding the fact that travel is promoted as a “spiritual goal for the young soul”, it’s not hard to understand why millennials take the opportunity to book all the cheap flights to the other side of the world.

Travel is indeed luxury – not everybody has the time and financial resource to splurge on a week-long trip to some exotic location. Are millennials being duped by the dream of travel or have they found a secret to life that previous generations dismissed as unnecessary expense?

Beyond the spirit of commerce

Travel certainly has rewards that feed the millennial’s spirit. This is a concept that budget- and expense-conscious generations find hard to understand. When young people sit at midnight in Tokyo cafes, contemplate life inside a French museum, or simply let time pass in an open area somewhere in the Caribbean, they find respite from the jaded lifestyles that they live in their home countries.

Once in a while, their eyes are off the screen and exploring vividly new sights and sensations. It is true that travel makes life more worth it, if not the only vehicle that allows people to see where life has a meaning.

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