Modern Living Room Furniture Tips to Make Your Room Presentable for Any Occasion


Don’t just treat your house’s main room as a mere space for yourself or your family. Make it instantly ready for entertaining your friends, relatives, and other acquaintances. Through careful planning and selection of modern living furniture, you’ll get a living room that is ready to host any occasion!

Ways to Make Your Living Room Event Ready

Getting a presentable living room at any time of the year is very easy! Here’s how you can make your living room suitable for entertaining:

  • Upsize the furniture

Living room design always starts with the sofa. Get the biggest sofa which is proportional to the room size allotted for it. To make sure your sofa doesn’t dwarf your actual space, create a 2-foot buffer on both sides of the sofa.

  • Add accent lights

Floor lamps add spark to any room. If you have a floor lamp, position it somewhere that easily attracts the eyes to make it as a focal point.  If you have more than one light, spread them evenly across the room to provide equal amounts of light during night-time.

  • Place area rugs

Rugs serve as the basis of your living room design. Choose one that covers the floors under the sofa, chairs, and other luxury living room furniture pieces to define the area for sitting. Rugs function well for both traditional and modern spaces.

  • Use carpet to ceiling draperies

Add a grandiose element to your living room by hanging curtains that go from the ceiling down to the floor. This will bring an element of luxury to your living space. The curtain setup will also entertain guests with its characteristic flair.

  • Ensure that the space is comfortable

You want your guests to be comfortable, so don’t overdo the placement of furniture. Add space between each piece of furniture in the room, including the sofas and accent chairs. In this way, you can prevent your guests from tripping over each other.

  • Put in a few greenery

Plants in the living room can help perk up the mood of your guests. Fresh flowers and plants in unique vases create a fresh atmosphere. Get eucalyptus and aloe vera – these are a good choice since they don’t easily fade, and can be used for decorative purposes for a long time.

  • Get multifunctional furniture

. If you have ample space, get a sectional sofa instead of a rectangular sofa. Apart from accommodating more people, a sectional sofa can also serve as a “bed” for visitors staying the night.

Make Your Living Space an Attraction

An entertaining home living space will keep guests coming back for more. By following the tips mentioned above, you can create a living room that’s perfect for any type of gathering.  Head on over to modern furniture stores in Los Angeles to secure pieces for your dream living room!

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