Simple Guide in Making an Office Furniture Makeover

office furniture design

Suppose that you are a manager who already knows the importance of redesigning your office with good furniture. The thing on your mind now is “how do I go about redesigning the office?” Here is a simple guide for you to start refreshing your office with new furniture and where to find office furniture in Los Angeles.

Think about User Experience

More than aesthetics, it is really important to think of how the users will experience the place I you placed certain furniture in it. After all, this is one of the greatest takeaways that people do get from a place rather than how it looked, per se. Here are some reasons why this is important:

  • Employee’s experience in relation to the furniture design will affect their productivity
  • Visitor’s experience, in the same way, defines the office’s identity.

Know your Brand

What do you want your employees and visitors to experience? What if your office all about? A lot of this can actually be spoken through the furniture. For instance, offices that are into creative works tend to have more fluid placing of furniture around the office. Hence, light and handy furniture can be an option so that the staff can easily move them around wherever they find inspiration in doing their work.

Use Spaces Smartly

In almost every office, there will always be a space dedicated for social interactions. One typical example is the visitor’s area. L-shaped sofas can be a terrific choice for this area to encourage interaction between people, if that is the intention. Avoid using individual chairs that can be isolated from each other. Again, the choice would depend on the brad being portrayed.

Consider Maintenance

This is not only about maintaining the furniture for longevity. This is about how difficult it is to maintain the furniture’s cleanliness. For instance, furniture with many adornments tends to be dust catcher because of its many areas to gather dusts. Hence, modern office furniture will be great option because of their simplistic style.


This is not the literal physical property of the furniture but rather how many ways can you use the furniture. This is true especially for tables. For more flexible choice, rectangular table with hollow space below will be optimal They can be used as desktop, temporary file storage, or even meeting table when multiple tables are joined together, perhaps forming a U-shape in the process.

Take a Step Back

Aside from thinking of individual furniture, it is also important to look at the whole office – its windows, lighting, ceiling and floor color, etc. All these will affect furniture choice. Perhaps, if the office is open and has large window, buying light- or dark-colored furniture can affect the whole mood of the office. It’s gonna be either so bright of just right inside, and again, the decision will depend of what kind of experience you want for the people.

Look for Shops

After thinking of how to go about deigning your office with furniture, looking for places to buy them will be the next dilemma. There is no need to overthink this part because websites exhibiting the best office furniture in Los Angeles actually exist. Some of them even offer wide range of variety that lets you play around different styles that will jive together for a better office design and experience. Just browse through your computers and start making your offices a more productive place to work. Talk about this with colleagues who you know are planning to have office makeover.

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