Smart Tips for Designing the Best Putting Greens in Your Backyard


Putting green design ranges from the straightforward one-hole strip to the complex multi-hole course complete with uneven terrain, well-hidden depressions, and sand traps. With so many layout combinations to draw inspiration from, it can be difficult to settle on a design for your backyard course. Fortunately, creating the best putting greens is as simple as following these tips.

How to Create the Perfect Backyard Putting Green

Create a personal putting green that blends your golfing needs, training objectives, and yard situation seamlessly. Follow these tips when you layout your miniature course:

  • Establish the purpose of your green.

How you plan to use your green must have a huge impact on its design. Think long-term, especially if you plan to use it as a training course.

What types of putts, chip shots, and strokes do you want to master? What golfing strategies do you want to hone? Answering these questions will help you fine-tune your layout plans and design the best putting greens for your yard.

  • Determine the size of your lawn.

Whether you want to a simple strip or a challenging course, it must fall well within the boundaries of your backyard. If the space is limited, opt for a simple layout. Otherwise, go wild with your design.

  • Be selective of your turf material.

The best artificial turf for your personal course is one that’s designed specifically for putting greens. Visit your go-to synthetic grass supplier and explore your options.

Choose a turf type that simulates the same ball play found in club courses. Make sure your chosen turf also features the pile height, texture, and cushioning effect characteristic in professional golf greens.

  • Ramp up the course difficulty.

Make your backyard putting green challenging by incorporating various golf course elements, such as sand traps, slopes, tee boxes, and more. You can emulate the layout of your favorite club course or get creative with your layout. Add a dip in the design, integrate multiple holes, or go for a specific theme.

  • Consider night-time putting.

If you have a busy schedule, you may not always have the time to practice your putts while the sun is still out. Be prepared for this situation with landscape lighting. Figure out the best places to add illumination to your green.

  • Accentuate your green with hardscape.

Hardscaping is a great way to beautify your course and reduce game troubles. Define your backyard green’s borders with brick walls to increase its privacy and minimize ball chasing. Integrate stone pathways into your landscape to enhance the vibrancy of synthetic turf.

Turn the Putting Greens of Your Dreams to Reality

Aside from following these tips, you must also settle only for the best artificial turf in San Jose for your green. Premium artificial grass comes with up to 15 years of warranty, features an efficient drainage system, and is available in realistic colors, heights, and densities. It is also incredibly durable and can withstand the impact of strokes without breaking.

Get your game on with the best backyard putting green. Call your local synthetic grass supplier now to get started on your DIY project!

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