Solve Lawn Burn for Good with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Does your dog use your lawn to go potty? Chances are, you have patches of dead grass in areas they use for the bathroom. This damage is called urine or lawn burn, and it’s an uphill battle for pet owners who have real grass. Switching to the best artificial grass for dogs makes it possible to give your pet an outdoor play space without sacrificing your dream of a lush, beautiful yard.

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What is lawn burn?

Dog urine has high levels of ammonia, which is a hydrogen-nitrogen compound. On the one hand, ammonia’s nitrogen element contributes to healthy grass and plant growth by acting as a fertilizer. On the other, too much will kill the grass. The latter is what happens when you have dogs at home since they tend to urinate in the same spots every day.

Lawn burn is especially frustrating since green, healthy grass will still grow around the affected area. The result is a patchy lawn with dead, brown spots that brings down the entire look of your backyard.

Lawn Burn is Difficult to Solve on Real Grass

While it’s possible to keep up with lawn burn when you have real grass, it takes a lot of hard work. You have to be ready to:

  • Make your dog drink more water
  • Buy and feed your pet dietary supplements that will bind the nitrogen in their urine
  • Apply expensive lawn repair treatments
  • Adjust your fertilization schedule
  • Use more water to dilute the presence of nitrogen from the urine
  • Reseed and grow new grass on the affected area
  • Stop using the yard as a pet potty area

Unfortunately, none of these are guaranteed to resolve lawn burn permanently. Short of barring your dog from using the yard at all, it’s impossible to monitor every single time he has to urinate. It’s also impractical to take your dog to pee somewhere else when you already have a backyard. The other solutions can be costly, and they don’t guarantee results as well.

For many homeowners, the only long-term solution is to switch to artificial turf in Dallas. It solves the lawn burn problem completely while providing all the best parts of a natural lawn.

Maintain a Beautiful, Pet-Friendly Lawn with Artificial Grass

Given its artificial nature, turf is the perfect fit for pet owners who want a happy dog and a beautiful yard. Below are some ways it prevents lawn burn and simplifies dog ownership:

  1. Urine and nitrogen won’t damage turf.

Since it’s not alive, turf is impervious to chemicals like nitrogen. Your dog can pee on synthetic grass as much as needed, and it will not affect the lawn in any way.

  1. It drains urine efficiently.

The porous backing of artificial grass in Dallas, TX drains away urine to leave a clean, odor-free surface. Simply rinse with a soapy solution after your dog goes potty.

  1. It’s exceptionally durable.

With artificial grass, you never have to worry about hyper paws destroying your precious yard. It can resist all manners of canine activities, from heavy digging to hours of running and dashing around the lawn.

You and your pet deserve a beautiful, safe, and low-maintenance lawn that can serve you for many years. Call your local turf installers today to learn more about the best artificial grass for dogs!


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