Some Questions about Infrared Home Saunas

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Just like how technologies evolved from their ‘primitive’ form to more modern ones, saunas also have transformed from the typical kinds we know to what has been known as the infrared home saunas. Now, that might sound a little technical to you, and there might be some questions running in your mind before immersing yourself in this newer kind of sauna. Below might be some of the questions you have in mind, so check them out and you might find some enlightenment for this ‘hot’ topic.

  • How different is infrared sauna from the traditional type?

    Well, infrared saunas can be compared to traditional ones in many ways. One noticeable difference is that traditional saunas use a stream to heat the room while infrared saunas use infrared heaters.

    Another difference lies in the temperature range that can be experienced from both types. Traditional saunas can be hotter than infrared saunas. Many works of literature say that the reason for this is that heat from an infrared sauna can easily penetrate the skin. One implication is that if individual users cannot tolerate the high temperature brought by the traditional sauna, then they can opt to use the infrared type. Time needed to heat the sauna is also longer for traditional types.

  • Which requires more maintenance?

    Both types require low maintenance, but infrared saunas are said to be of lower maintenance. One reason is that they do not use steam in heating; hence, less moist is involved and the wood can be better preserved.

  • Okay, it is low maintenance. But still, how do I maintain it?

    Asking this question is good. It might be good to point out that like any other technologically advanced products like our gadgets, infrared saunas also deserve some care.

    The basics of sauna maintenance are the same, whether it is a traditional type or infrared. You do your regular floor sweeping, checking of screws, removal of stains, etc. However, since infrared saunas now use electricity primarily for heating, another consideration should be thought of. Make sure that the location of sauna room is not very close to water facilities to make sure that the sauna will last longer.

  • Is it ideal at home?

    Yes, in as much as traditional saunas for sale are fit at home. Infrared saunas are also available in wide range of sizes and styles like the traditional. So if you plan to switch your home sauna to an infrared type, there is no reason not to do so.

  • Are there further types of infrared saunas?

    One way of classifying infrared saunas is through the kind of infrared it uses. The options are near infrared and far infrared saunas. Aside from this, infrared saunas also come with portable types.

Other nitty-gritty of infrared sauna details can be further explored if you browse some product catalogs online. Such references can show you all the infrared sauna nuances that you need to see so that you’ll know which ones would fit your needs and lifestyle. Extend your search by looking up the best infrared saunas online.

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