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Studio City Gym Advice: Avoid These 4 Nutrition Mistakes

You might be training hard at your Studio City gym, but if you’re not eating right, then you may be undoing all that hard work you pour into your daily workouts. Avoid these four nutrition mistakes to stay on track.

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4 Workout Nutrition Mistakes You Might be Making

If you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for, your diet could be the culprit. This is why experienced personal trainers take time to discuss your nutrition plan and eating habits before diving into the workout – a poor diet will simply sabotage your fitness goals. Here are dietary mistakes to stop making today:

  • Mistake #1: Training when you’re starving.

A lot of people think that training on an empty stomach helps you burn calories and fat faster, but research recommends otherwise. Try to eat a light high-protein meal or snack a few hours before you work out to jumpstart your metabolism, enhance training drive, and raise amino acid levels. Of course, the ideal pre-workout meal will vary for everyone, so make sure to consult your personal trainer for suggestions.

  • Mistake #2: Using exercise to justify overindulgence.

Completing a strenuous workout doesn’t give you free pass to eat as much as you want during dinner or loading up on desserts. Many people overestimate how much calories they burned at the gym which leads them to overindulge with their post-workout meal.

While you shouldn’t stop yourself from enjoying the occasional treat, try to stick to your usual balanced diet most days of the week so you don’t cancel out your gains.

  • Mistake #3: Relying on sports nutrition products.

Don’t be fooled by ads for sports drinks and in health stores – you don’t really need to live off protein bars, supplements, gels, and other sports products that claim to boost performance.

Too many of these products tend to be over processed and don’t really give you all the nutrients you need to maximize your workouts. Instead, stick with a balanced diet made up of whole foods and stay hydrated with water as much as you can.

But if you really want to, there’s no harm in adding a protein shake and other supplements to improve your performance. Just make sure they don’t make up the bulk of your diet, and seek guidance from your personal trainer at the best gym in Studio City.

  • Mistake #4: Not paying attention to your calorie intake.

You don’t have to obsess over every single calorie you eat, but you do have to be mindful of your daily intake. Eating too much and not eating enough are both detrimental to your fitness goals.

Your ideal calorie count will depend on your workout goals, the current state of your body and health, activity level outside the gym, metabolism, and other personal factors, so take time for an honest discussion with your personal trainer about your macronutrient distributions and a number of calories you need every day.

Eat Right and Train Right to Achieve Your Peak

Your eating habits will show through in your performance. A healthy, balanced diet gives you the energy to push yourself, complete sets, and recover efficiently enough to go back to the gym day after day. Never underestimate the power of good nutrition – combined with personal training and advanced recovery techniques like an infrared sauna in Sherman Oaks, it’s a sure-fire way to reach and go above and beyond your fitness goals.

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