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Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Move Your Company to a Bigger BGC Office

Running a booming business? Pay attention to your workplace setup amidst your work operations. While your current office may be perfect for your company at the beginning, it may start to feel too confining as your business grows. Don’t let a cramped workplace drag down the productivity, morale, and performance of your team. Move to a bigger BGC office once you notice these signs.

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Signs You Need a Bigger Workplace for Your Business

Observe your workplace setup and determine whether it enhances or gets in the way of your team’s performance. If you see any of the signs below, start looking for a bigger office in the city.

  • Overcrowded Workplace

Is your office suffering from inadequate desks, so much so, that you had to divide your operations into several shifts to ensure each employee has a workstation? Do your employees have to maneuver around each other to reach their workplaces? If you are familiar with either of these questions, it’s high time to start searching for a bigger BGC office space for rent due to overcrowding.

Overcrowding occurs when a workplace accommodates more than it ideally should. This can make it difficult for people to navigate through the room, reduce productivity, and diminish workplace morale —all of which can drag down your business operations.

  • Insufficient Storage Space

Clutter has no place in a thriving company. Aside from stealing valuable space from your workplace, it also competes for your employees’ attention, contributes to their stress levels, and makes them more likely to procrastinate. Here are some tell-tale signs that your office contains more than it should:

• It is messy and disorganized.
• It doesn’t have enough space for your business materials.
• It takes a significant amount of time to find things due to the clutter.
• It is not uncommon to see company equipment in unlikely places, such as a microwave oven in the hallway instead of the pantry, etc.

While clutter may seem like an inconsequential concern in the grand scheme of things, it can deal a subtle but powerful blow to your operations in the long run. Find a more spacious BGC office space as soon as you’ve determined that organizing can no longer solve your clutter problem.

  • Poor First Impressions

First impressions matter. Since a workplace often reflects its company’s status and performance, most people are put off by cramped, cluttered, and difficult-to-navigate office spaces.

If potential clients, investors, and partners often visit your workplace, it’s crucial that they like what they see. Make sure you can accommodate them properly as well. Look for more spacious office space if your current one makes it hard for you to leave great impressions on your visitors.

  • Lack of Meeting Spaces

Having a room dedicated solely to meetings is an essential part of a functioning office. It provides a venue to announce critical developments, tackle crucial concerns, and interact with your employees.

While holding meetings in a coffee shop or restaurant is an option, it is not the best course. Anything you discuss outside of your company’s walls can be compromised. Consider moving to a BGC office with well-equipped meeting spaces if your current workplace doesn’t have one.

Boost Your Business Operations with a Better Office

Don’t let your workplace get in the way of your company’s growth and development. Search for a bigger office for rent in Manila, Makati, or BGC for a workplace that complements your operations, is easy to access, and is nearby critical business establishments. Boost your business today!


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