The Hopes of Getting Corrective Eye Surgery in Orange County

With the amount of work we do on a daily basis, and the numerous times we have to stare at the blaring lights of our computer screens, our eyesight can run into some difficulties along the way. In fact, the more severe our eyesight problems become, the more chance of having to get corrective eye surgery in Orange County in the future.

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Why You Should Get Corrective Eye Surgery

Despite how scary it might sound, getting corrective eye surgery is all the more reason for you to take that chance to improve your eyesight! Besides the improvement in your eyesight, getting corrective eye surgery can give you long-term results, a faster recovery, and above all, eliminate the need for glasses or contacts for the long run.

Understandably, the idea of using a laser beam for eye surgery can be a bit scary, but rest assured, there are some reassurances about the concept that can help put your worries at ease. Here are some that can help you go through the procedure without fear:

  • “Is it Painful?”

One of the most asked questions regarding Lasik surgery is about pain or how it feels like. Thankfully, it’s a completely painless procedure. Before the surgery is carried out, your doctor will apply a local anesthesia to both of your eyes to numb any discomfort you feel. Then, mild ethanol is applied to the outer layer of the cornea, which will serve as a small layer of protection for your eye.

Once the anesthesia and ethanol are applied, the procedure carries out as planned using laser. While you might not feel pain, you may feel some slight pressure on your eyes while the process is underway. You may also feel slight discomfort after the surgery; your doctor can prescribe bandage lenses to you to wear for a time.

  • “Is it Expensive?”

Another thing that can be assuring about getting corrective eye surgery is that it is very cost effective for you! Lasik financing in Orange County can give good deals on these procedures, which can average up to $2,000-$3,000 overall. This can help cover pre and post-op treatment, helping you recover faster and hassle-free in the process.

  • “Can it Handle Other Eye Complications?”

One common misbelief of corrective eye surgery is that it only improves eyesight. While true, this can also handle more eye complications anyone might have. In fact, Lasik procedures are also used for cataract surgery in Orange County.

  • “What Happens After the Surgery?”

After getting corrective eye surgery in Orange County or anywhere, expect some swelling on your corneas, which can cause your vision to be a bit blurry. The swelling and blurriness will disappear after 24 hours, and once that’s done, you’re going to want to get as much rest as you can to help maximize your recovery.

You’re in Good Hands!

While the procedure can sound scary, you’re nonetheless in good hands! Get through the treatment with as much optimism as you can muster and your eyes will be fixed in no time!  

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