The Ultimate Guide: Cleaning and Storing Outdoor Furniture in Los Angeles Made Easy

large oudoor furniture

Southern California weather, just like the region’s earthquakes, is unpredictable. While snow and zero degree weather is unheard of here, it can become dry and wet with just a snap of a finger. Just like any outdoor furniture in Los Angeles, the heat and the rain can easily get to them.

Chances are you’ve invested a significant amount in your outdoor fixtures, in spite of cruel SoCal weather. Along that line, it is your sworn duty to protect the furniture.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Before you begin cleaning, make sure you know the type of furniture you are dealing with. If you purchased your pieces from contemporary furniture stores in Los Angeles, chances are that they sport the sleek look, whether they are made from wood, metal, wicker, or even plastic.

  • Wooden Furniture

    • Keep this type of furniture in tip-top shape by scrubbing with soap water, and rinsing it right after to keep the timber’s shine.
    • If you want to get a little more in-depth in cleaning it, use a soft brush and detergent water along the wooden grain.
    • For stains that are still left, do a light sanding of the untreated furniture, and rinse the surface.
  • Metal Furniture

    • Usually, metal designs have an anti-rust solution. To clean them, gently rub them with a sponge and warm soap water.
    • Using abrasive cleaners could lead the finish to be scratched, which can eventually lead to rust.
    • Look out for scratches and signs of rust, and apply a thin protective car wax coat the furniture regularly.
    • If you have metal furniture that is susceptible to rusting, use paste wax or naval jelly so that it doesn’t rust or corrode.
  • Wicker Furniture

    • Clean wicker furniture by hosing them mildly, taking away the spills and dirt.
    • For heavily-stained wicker furniture, use a sponge, mild soap, and cold water for washing.
    • After allowing the wicker piece to completely dry, apply paste wax to add shine and keep it water resistant.
  • Cushions

    • If cushions have removable covers, remove and then launder using bleach to kill mildew.
    • Put back the dry covers on the cushions, then place in a dry place. Cover using a cloth tarp, not a plastic one.
    • Wash the cloth covers using a brush and detergent. Afterwards, dry, fold and store indoors.

Storing Outdoor Furniture

  • If you are not using your outdoor furniture, cover them using a furniture cover or tarp to protect them from the weather. Use furniture covers to extend their protection.
  • Tie the covers in place to keep winds from blowing them.
  • For grills and patio umbrellas, search for furniture covers with sizes that fit them.
  • All wooden furniture, except cedar and teak, has to be put indoors during winter.


Your outdoor pieces, whether they are from modern furniture stores or thrift shops, deserve only the best care. Being the most visible furniture from outside the house, they are a reflection of what you are to your visitors, and will leave lasting impressions on them.

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