Top Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Areas Near Pebble Beach Putting Green

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Planning to add a backyard golf course to your home? Cover its surrounding areas with top-quality artificial grass. Not only will it blend in well with the landscape, but it’ll also provide long-term benefits that other flooring materials can’t match. Discover the most compelling reasons why you should cover the places near your Pebble Beach putting green with synthetic turf.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Places Near Putting Greens

Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to the real thing when it comes to putting greens. It looks great, costs less in the long run, and takes little time to install. These qualities also make it an excellent material for the areas close to your backyard green. Here are the other top benefits of synthetic turf for putting green surrounds:

  • It is incredibly durable.

The surrounding areas of a backyard putting green typically get a ton of foot traffic from golfers and lawn users. They also tend to accommodate heavy equipment, such as grills, furniture, and other outdoor furnishings. Due to these, natural grass is not an ideal groundcover for putting green surrounds.

Still want to cover the areas near your Pebble Beach putting green with lush turf? Synthetic grass is an excellent choice as it’s tough enough to endure high foot traffic, constant use, and heavy furnishings without getting damaged. You don’t have to worry about divots, bare spots, stiff turf, and matted grass when you go synthetic.

  • It is easy to maintain.

Most putting green owners choose natural grass for their putting green surrounds so that it can serve as an extension of their course. If you follow suit, keep in mind that the industry standard for grass height in greens is 0.125”. This means you must spend a lot of time mowing not only your course but also its surroundings.

Cover the areas around your golf course with top artificial grass in Monterey and you’ll never have to trim your turf again. Since it doesn’t grow, it’ll stay the ideal height for putting greens. Aside from mowing, there’s also no need to water, weed, fertilize, and apply chemical solutions to synthetic turf to keep it lush and green. Spend all your extra time playing rather than groundskeeping!

  • It can be installed in various locations.

If you choose natural grass for your putting green surrounds, remember that it requires ample sunlight, good air movement, and healthy soil to grow well. This means you can’t plant grass in shaded areas and steep inclines.

On the other hand, the best artificial turf in Monterey, CA can be placed anywhere and still look lush and beautiful. If you don’t have enough space in your yard for a golf course, you can go ahead and build one indoors! This way, you can play regardless of the season or the daily weather forecast.

Choose Artificial Putting Greens for Your Yards!

The best artificial turf in Monterey, CA is an excellent alternative to the real thing for areas near your Pebble Beach putting green. Get in touch with your local service provider today, and say hello to your very own putting paradise!

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