Toyota Newport Beach Dealers Give You 7 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car

If you’ve been to Toyota in Newport Beach, you might have seen the 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE CVT Car FWD. Introduced in 2018 as part of the eighth Camry generation, this hybrid beauty boasts of strong acceleration undeterred by its fuel efficiency, a comfortable and spacious interior, and a cargo space that is impressive for a sedan.

woman in hybrid car

If you find this car sexy, then you might be into hybrids! Hybrids are introducing a new way to drive. They save fuel, reduce emissions, and recharge their batteries even without plugging them in. Hybrids are gaining popularity, and you can see them in most dealerships, like in Toyota Fountain Valley.

If you’re not yet convinced on why you should head down and buy your hybrid, we listed a few reasons that might convince you:

  1. Fuel economy

You can bet that hybrids are the most fuel-efficient models in the market. Hybrid cars usually get 40 to 50 MPG. With fuel costs of more than $1,400, choosing hybrid cars can save you hundreds of dollars annually in fuel costs alone!

  1. It’s cool to be green

One of the main reasons hybrids are gaining popularity is that the public is now recognizing the importance of saving the environment. Hybrids produce fewer pollutants than conventional cars. They produce 10% fewer smog than their counterparts. Depending on the size of the vehicles, they can reduce gas emissions by 15–21%. Add that to the fact that hybrids are also a financially sound investment; then you have an instant hit.

  1. Tax incentives

Depending on where you live, governments are now giving tax incentives as they pursue cleaner and pollutant-reducing transportation alternatives. Some governments also provide free parking and other useful perks just by driving a hybrid car!

  1. Cheaper insurance

Similar to the government’s efforts, insurance companies are also recognizing the importance of supporting programs that save the environment. Some companies provide discounts of up to 10% based on the type of vehicle. Hybrid cars also typically get cheaper insurance quotes compared with owners of vehicles using traditional gas.

  1. High resale

As hybrid cars are one of the latest in the line of environment-friendly transportation technology, it is less likely to depreciate as the years pass. So when the time comes you intend on selling your hybrid car, expect that its depreciation is less than a petrol or diesel car.

  1. Grants

Some governments offer financial grants when buying hybrid cars! Imagine being able to buy your dream car more easily just because you decided to help save the environment.

  1. Silent

When you use the electric EV mode of your 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE CVT Car FWD, you’ll feel peace! Using the electric EV-mode produces zero emissions resulting in a smoother ride making your hybrid car a calm place in an ocean of rush hour traffic.

So, convinced? Then what are you waiting for? Toyota Huntington Beach is waiting for you! Get your own Toyota Hybrid now and join the green revolution!

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