Triple Threat Match in Laser Eye Surgery in Orange County

If you are looking for relief to your problematic eyesight, it is very likely that someone has recommended you to have a laser eye surgery. Orange County is the perfect place to get one. It has its share of dependable clinics and responsible doctors qualified to conduct the procedure.

However, it is also very likely that you would have come across viable alternatives. Wearing eyeglasses and wearing contact lenses are foremost. Do you want to know which of these three will stand out in a three-way match? Which one should you go for? Read on and find out how each one fares against the other in this triple threat match!

laser operating room


On the face of it, LASIK surgery in Orange County sets you back $1,000 to $2,500, per eye, depending on where you’re getting the procedure done. This is quite substantial. However, when looking at things, one should look at the grander scheme of it all.

According to Consumer Rights, a pair of eyeglasses costs $244 on average. This is way cheaper than a LASIK surgery. But, you got to consider how many times a person changes prescription glasses in a lifetime.

The same can be said for prescription contact lenses. A leading manufacturer of contact lenses estimates that annually, patients pay between $175 and $1,400 for contact lenses! Cost of contact lenses varies depending on what you are using them for, as well as how often you’d have to clean or replace them.

People typically are surprised to find out they can save more by having the one-time operation up front. Although admittedly some patients who underwent LASIK still need to wear prescription glasses for some activities, you can see how a single investment of $2,000 can save you from an almost $1,400 yearly expense!


You would be forgiven to think that wearing a pair of tiny contact lenses or prescription glasses is safer than literally going under the knife to have your eyesight surgically corrected. However, facts don’t lie.

Wearing contact lenses is more dangerous than it seems. It can cause serious eye injuries including infections, corneal abrasions, and ulcers. The eye is a very delicate organ and however small or minute an injury is, it is very palpable with a very noticeable painful sensation in the affected eye.

Wearing eyeglasses can equally be as hazardous. When not properly maintained and if made out of cheap, non-sturdy material, glasses can break if exerted upon by enough force, causing severe trauma to the eyes and the surrounding area. Not only that. Ill-fitting eyeglasses can cause the wearer to misjudge depth and distance and can lead to accidents.

Although undergoing an invasive surgery such as a LASIK is riskier than the aforementioned non-invasive options, its benefit of lasting vision correction can’t be overstated.


Anyone who has grown up needing to wear contacts or eyeglasses knows painfully well the hassle using these aids can cause. Contact lenses are difficult to put on. Although they are less of a hindrance in everyday activities than glasses, you cannot wear them full time. In some severe cases of prolonged contact lens use, the eyes become irritated and sometimes can even cause blindness.

Eyeglasses are considerably easier to put on. However, they can cause some inconvenience when doing physical activities like sports. Ill-fitting pairs are the worst! They can cause discomfort, unsightly marks on your head due to being too tight, or you can’t wear them at all, forcing you to walk around almost blind.

With the help of a LASIK surgeon in Orange County, you can kiss all these hassles goodbye as the simple procedure can get rid of the hassles of wearing your glasses or the bother of putting on your contacts.


So what’s your final decision? I don’t know about you, but from our viewpoint, LASIK has contacts and glasses beat three rounds to none! What are you waiting for?

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