Untangle Traffic Jams Around Your Shopping Center with a Parking Management Company


Long, congested lines of cars around shopping centers has been a problem for a long time. According to a study done by IBM, 30% of traffic around shopping centers and other facilities result from drivers trying to find somewhere to park. Creating more parking spaces may seem like the solution, but what shopping centers need is the services of a parking management company.

Poor Parking Management Makes Traffic Worse

Efficient parking for shopping centers isn’t about having a bigger garage or adding more parking spots. It’s about simplifying how drivers can find and pull into existing ones. Smarter parking management leads to:

  • Less time cruising around the lot to find parking spaces
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Customers spending more time shopping
  • A more pleasant shopping experience
  • The smoother flow of traffic

Without the improvements above, you may lose both customers and revenue from inefficient parking. Frustrated shoppers who can’t find a parking spot will eventually leave and find another place to spend their money in. Parking management services help you enhance customer service and profit potential.

How Parking Management Improves Traffic

Improved parking management is the key to untangling traffic that plagues so many shopping centers today. It offers several solutions to congestion:

  • Eliminates distractions

Parking professionals make it easier for drivers to locate parking spaces. They accomplish these through several methods, such as installing smart sensors and lights and adding strategically-placed signs.

  • Reduces cruising time

Traffic can quickly pile up with drivers slowly cruising around the lot to find spots. A parking management company can significantly reduce this by putting up signs when the garage is full. They can also offer valet parking so that drivers can go straight inside the shopping center while valet staff parks their vehicles for them.

  • Keeps pedestrians out of the garage

Another major cause of congested traffic around retail buildings are pedestrians getting in the way of drivers. Parking staff can resolve this by directing pedestrians in the right direction. This can be a pedestrian pathway, to the right store they’re looking for, or anywhere out of the way of drivers trying to park.

  • Maximizes parking garages

There’s always more drivers than parking lots, but parking management companies can help shopping centers maximize their existing ones. Valet staff can park cars and take up much less space than the typical driver. They can also park in parts of the building that are typically not used for that purpose.

  • Enhances Safety

In some cases, drivers cause traffic jams because they hesitate to take a parking space if it’s on the dark side of the garage or far from the entrance. This concern is valid since statistics show that untoward incidents tend to happen in remote parking spots. A parking management company can help you secure your garage through elements such as better parking design, clearer signs, cameras, and other safety elements.

Improve Parking in Shopping Centers Today

Shopping centers can dramatically benefit from working with a parking management company. When customers don’t have to waste time trying to park, they can spend more time shopping instead. The same thing applies to restaurant, campus, hotel, and hospital parking management —more efficient parking leads to better customer serviced, stronger reputation, and more significant potential for profit.

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