Urban Lifestyles as the Backbone E-commerce

ecommerce and convenient concept

E-commerce and living in the city go hand in hand. If you live in a concrete jungle, you’re more acquainted than ever with on-the-go’s and being on the run to chase something – whether this be a cab or just ticking seconds on a wristwatch. Oftentimes, there’s no time anymore to walk in a physical store to purchase a new pair of jeans and shirts. We’d just do that while we’re having coffee during a short break or waiting for an Uber. In the city, e-commerce is an essential system.

The idea of conducting business via mobile devices isn’t appealing just to those who are short on time. E-commerce and its development have the potential to bridge gaps related to physicality, customer experience, and retail design.

Brick and Mortar Revolutionized

E-commerce won’t ever topple down the brick and mortar that composes the city. In fact, it pushes brick and mortar to appear in ways and purposes that we’ve never tried before.

Nowadays, you can find online shops that have a physical booth which mainly serves as a display of their products. Some utilize physical spaces as a pick-up point for deliveries. These spaces and their new purpose even contribute to the changing climate of city-spaces.

New Customer Experience

In terms of experience, setting up virtual spaces for e-commerce allows for the following:

  • Privacy from other shoppers
  • Ability to better search items using keywords and filters
  • Better comparison between brands and competing stores
  • Knowing easily which options and stocks are available
  • Less need for staffing / human resource
  • Better product tagging and representation

When purchasing a product from a physical store, it can be overwhelming (and physically exhausting) to be immersed in a traditional shop setting. E-commerce allows users to shop with privacy and better find needed information. (Most thankful for this aspect would be the anxious shoppers who dread the unsolicited assistance of sales associates.)

Where can E-commerce go from here?

E-commerce has set an enticing stage both for blooming business owners and customers. Even established firms are taking advantage of E-commerce to further enhance their delivery of services. There is more to setting up online shops and menus, though. There are still rough corners that have to be polished before E-commerce turns our lives around, 180-degrees.

Product display, integration with social markets, payment systems, and automation are opportunities for improvement. In the city, better delivery systems for example are being developed and used to facilitate E-commerce. As we anticipate its global growth, the face of E-commerce will still likely change. For the meantime, it captures the essence of urban and metropolitan.

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