Why Using An Outsourced CMO May Make More Sense for Your Company than You Might Think

A CMO or a chief marketing officer is a position in your company that seems like it would be fairly hands-on. After all, the person who is in charge of your marketing is going to want to be quite familiar with every aspect of the company and its goals, and that hardly sounds like a job that should be outsourced.

So why is it that the position of interim or outsourced CMO is gaining so much traction these days? Why are they appropriate for some companies, and how do you know if your business model is right for hiring one?

Situations Where an Outsourced CMO Works Perfectly

If you’re thinking about bringing an outsourced or interim CMO on staff, these are the questions that you need to consider.

CMO marketing

First, have you never had one before?

Let’s say that your marketing team has functioned perfectly well for a while without a CMO. There are certainly situations where that happens. However, maybe you feel like your marketing needs a shakeup, particularly if you’re not quite getting the quarterly sales numbers for which you were hoping.

You might wish to bring in an outsourced or interim CMO because you’re not sure yet if you want the position to be permanent. If the individual you bring in is responsible for sending your sales numbers through the roof, you may decide to retain them.

Are You Acquiring a New Company?

Expansion might also be a reason that you feel you need to bring in a CMO on an interim basis. Taking on an outsourced CMO who has expertise within your niche will likely aid in the transition as you merge into a larger conglomerate.

While hiring a full-time CMO during this period might not be feasible, there’s no reason you can’t bring one on until the new company structure is in place.

Budget Flexibility

You also might be in a position of flux due to economic instability or some other factor.

If that’s the case, then you might feel that you need the services of a CMO, but you may not a little further down the line. An outsourced CMO who has a short-term contract will allow you some flexibility with your capital as your company tries to ride out a shaky period.

The CMO as a full-time part of the company is a situation that might work for some, but not for all. The interim or outsourced CMO doesn’t sound so far fetched in the conditions we mentioned, but there are others.

For businesses to thrive, sometimes flexibility is required. That will definitely be the case in regards to your staffing options for your marketing department.

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