Your Local Northern Virginia Photographer Tackles the Common Wedding Photography Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Get the Perfect Shot


In order to create the most gorgeous, creative, hilarious, and touching wedding photos, it is your responsibility as a Northern Virginia photographer to get the perfect shot. Wedding photography can be a tough and delicate job, but it’s also rewarding!

The problem, however, is that some photographers get too caught up in the moment and the pressure of the event. This is a common dilemma among novice wedding photographers. If you’re new to the business, no need to worry! Our professional wedding photographers are here to help you.

Avoid these Wedding Photography Mistakes

Wedding photography is more than just about the photos. As a photographer, you may find yourself wearing so many different hats throughout the day —and that’s okay as long as you don’t forget the basics. To be the best wedding photographer you can be, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

  • NOT bringing multiple lenses

The lens is an essential part of the camera, but given the excitement and pressure of the event, it is also one of the most common equipment you are likely to forget. Don’t make the same mistake. Pack your lenses ahead of time. If it helps, put a label on your bag to locate it quickly during the event.

The best lenses you can use for wedding photography are macro lenses, zoom lenses, and standard prime lenses, so make sure to bring them all in your bag. The macro lens allows you to capture close-up photographs with excellent attention to detail, a zoom lens allows you to focus on the subject without having to move around too much, and a prime lens can give you excellent photographs at a fixed length.

  • NOT remembering to bring the essential equipment

Every wedding and corporate photographer in D.C. knows the importance of bringing the essential photography gears in any event.  Make sure to pack these equipment and tick them off your checklist before you leave for the big day:

      • Lights

Lighting is an essential element in creating a successful image. It determines the tone, mood, and atmosphere of the event. As such, it is significant that you include your lighting equipment right on the top of your checklist.

      • Camera Charger

Weddings can last for hours, but not your camera. You don’t want to tell the bride and groom that you can’t document the latter parts of their big day because your camera died – that would be a DISASTER! So never ever forget your camera charger!

      • Spare Batteries and Memory Cards

Make sure that you don’t run out of batteries and memories during the event. Even if your camera’s battery lasts for a great amount of time, you need to prepare for when it suddenly runs out of juices. Remember, there is no such thing as bringing TOO MANY equipment for an event.

      • iPads or Tablets

You need something that can help you keep track of the wedding itinerary. Bringing an iPad lets you do just that while giving you handy storage for other essential wedding documents, including the shot list, flow of events, and client specifics.

      • Lens Wipes

As a photographer, you always need to prepare for weather changes and other location elements that might affect the quality of your shot. Make sure to bring lens wipes to clean your lens easily —they are easy-to-use, inexpensive, and take up very little space.

      • Business Cards

Weddings offer the perfect opportunity to scout for potential future clients. Don’t forget to bring your business cards with you so you can hand them to the event organizers and guests.

  • NOT listening to the wedding coordinator

The role of wedding coordinators is to make sure that the wedding goes as planned. Be sure to coordinate with them throughout the event to get the perfect shot and angles. Communication is key, especially if there are last-minute changes in the wedding details.

  • NOT creating a shot list

The shot list serves as a guide to help you stay on track and meet the client specifics. Your shot list should include the camera movement, shot notes and descriptions, and lens movement.

  • NOT capturing the “firsts”

The most important shots during a wedding –or any other occasion—are the “first” moments. When you are hired as a North Virginia wedding photographer, make sure that you capture all of the first moments of the newlywed couple, which can be the first kiss, the first dance, and even the first time they leave as husband and wife.

Capture Great Wedding Memories!

Becoming a great North Virginia photographer requires more than just creativity and mastering various photography styles —it entails skillful preparations to avoid committing disastrous mistakes. Plan and prepare ahead of time to make sure you leave nothing important behind on your gigs.


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